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How Do You Write "jao-Paw" In Thai (The Word For Godfather/mafia)?


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  • 3 weeks later...

^^ hungover at Oskar bar one afternoon, went to the restroom and returning to my stool --- I smashed my regular glasses because I forgot I laid them on the seat. Was awfully sunny that day and I was irritable, even moreso now, and about to head home - one of the waitresses i knew well gave me her extra pair of shades. This ridiculously over-sized pair of sunglasses a la hollywood 1972. Well, the other waitresses seemed to think this funny when i put them on and began to say oooooh, he's jao-paw (due to the sunglasses).


I thought the story was over with that. Couple weeks later I was back at Oskar in the evening with a girl I'd been hanging out with and the waitresses walk up -- ooooh, it's jao-paw. I kinda rolled my eyes and said 'no, i'm not jao-paw.... stop saying that~' - but they were too busy laughing at their own joke - and this infection spread to the girl i was with who began calling me jao-paw. And it spread even further from there.


eventually i just gave up.

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