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Some how this damned thing has got into my system and hijacked my google search. I've looked up the ways to get rid of it, but the problem is it won't show up in my list of programs. When I search on Google, the damned thing takes me to its page - which is spam riddled.


And suggestions on how to exteminate the SOB (both the program and creators)?





My virus and malware scans don't even pick it up.

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Reboot in Safe Mode with networking disabled. Try a deep Malwarebytes scan from there.


Worst case, you may need a second, uninfected computer to download the necessary tools onto an uninfected Flash drive. (Been there, although not with this particular POS.)


The page you linked gives detailed instructions for removing it.


Also, I've found Bleeping Computer a useful reference: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/550141/have-browser-hijacker-safehomepage/


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I'm using Firefox and Chrome. Chrome doesn't seem to be affected. It only happens on Firefox.


I tried the instructions, but as I said ... it doesn't show up in the programs in the browser settings. A search doesn't bring it up either.



... Aha. Now I see a Key Find browser. I've deleted it, but it seems to come right back!




Just ran RKill and it foundnothing. :p

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