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Sharbat Gula


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In June 1985, Sharbat Gula captivated the world with her piercing green eyes when she appeared on the cover of National Geographic. The image, taken by Steve McCurry, has become one of the most iconic images of the magazine's history and still leaves readers in awe. Back in 1984, Sharbat was a young Afghan attending school and living in a Pakistani refugee camp. She not only remembers McCurry taking her picture all those years ago, but also recalls how angry she was — he was a stranger and she had never been photographed before. In fact, she wouldn't have her picture taken again until her and McCurry reunited 17 years later.




During their second encounter, McCurry discovered that Sharbat was married and a mother of three children, aged 13, 3, and 1. And according to her brother, Sharbat had never known happiness, except perhaps on her wedding day, which happened when she was either 13 or 16 (no one is sure).Today, Sharbat is still remembered for her unforgettable portrait, but she has also made headlines over the last two years for something completely different: getting arrested. On two separate occasions, once in 2015 and again just this past October, Sharbat was arrested for possessing a fake identity card in Pakistan.



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