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Christian Proselytisers


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I just had a stand up argument with some jesus licking woman who knocked on my door.


Let me be clear, there is a "Don't Knock, salespeople, surveys etc" sign on my door.


So when she knocked I assumed she had legitimate business with me.




"Hi, we're in the neighbourhood knocking on doors to give our gift of the bible teachings to..."


"Did you not see this sign?" pointing to Don't Knock sign on door, 45 cm from her eyeballs, at eye height.


"But we are not salespeople or survey or anything we are..."


"Your faith is a sales pitch, please go away"




Door closes.


Now I'm not one to single out any particular religion for special attention, but the only people who defy the Don't Knock sign are Christians.


So now there is another sign.





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Reminds me of the time a couple of years ago, sitting in the shade outside a museum in Chiangmai old city.Two people ( man and woman ) walked up and started chatting.They seemed really friendly ( always a bad sign :grinyes: ) which made me slightly nervous.A short time later my suspicions were confirmed.Turned out they were Korean bible bashers who had been living in the area for several years.They spent several minutes giving me various pamphlets and eventually the only way I managed to get rid of them was to tell them I had spotted a group of Chinese ladies going into the museum.Seems these are their prime targets.

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Before I had spent time in Laos I would have expressed my displeasure with cussing and threatening behaviour, these days, I am polite and reasonable, but they still somehow raise my ire, I'm working on being calm in these situations.

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