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Climate Change


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Objectively: a counter to Al Gore's flick. Doesn't seem to have swayed the 'believers' much, in the 10 years it's been out.


My take: Generally the things the 'believers' want to do, are good things, not because I think there is warming, but because they are good for the planet (e.g. no diesel fumes in Manila is better than diesel fumes in Manila) and progress, etc.


My issues: That when a scientist sees warming, or cooling, he looks at it and gets on with the science of it. When the 'believers' see warming, they feed it into the global alarm machine, the same one that gives us Zombie and Alien invasion movies. When the 'believers' see cooling, they seek to denigrate and castigate and cast out the "non-believers", rather than examine the facts.

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