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Been transferring over in Taipei for the last couple of years and I figured maybe I should check it out.


Any tips of what to do, where to stay, getting around, where to drink, etc? Not interested in the p4p scene.


I would only be interested in 2 - 3 nights.



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Snake Alley, what's left of it. Used to be an amazing, if not slightly horrifying place, my fav memory is the vending machine, the type that drops a claw down from above


The museum is amazing! The KMT took all the great stuff out of Beijing, stuck it on trains, stuck the carriages on boats and sailed to Taiwan with the most amazing collection. It's still stored in Carriages I am told, but the exhibitions rotate regularly and truely great to see.


Some nice "old quarters" in Taipei that remind me of Tokyo and Hong Kong back streets. Full of vegetarian restaurants. Taiwanese are nuts about being vegetarian, but oddly,

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