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Morons And Technology.

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This is what the tech giants selling us stuff rely on.


A/. Buy the latest widget, put a credit card number in it and tell it to buy whatever.




B/. buy the widget, learn how to set it up and enjoy the widget for it's utility.


Which one are you?


Sanders calls out Amazon after 2-year-old orders Batman toy using Echo


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is calling out Amazon after her two-year-old child was able to use the Echo to purchase an $80 Batman toy.


Sanders used her official White House Twitter account on Sunday to complain that the company’s Echo device allowed her young son to purchase the toy by mistake.


"Alexa, we have a problem if my 2 year old can order a Batman toy by yelling 'Batman!' over and over again into the Echo,†Sanders, who has three children, tweeted on Sunday.


She posted a photo of an order confirmation for a $79.99 “Batman vs. Superman†action figure made by Sure Things Toys. The receipt says the product will arrive on Tuesday.

The Amazon Echo, which is voice-controlled, lets users buy items online on Amazon using the Alexa app by speaking to it.


Amazon has not responded to Sanders’s tweet.



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