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Rappers and Models


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Call me an old cynical fart but why is everyone reported in the media either an aspiring model or an up and coming rapper Oh please some hint has a lip injection and post pics on Instabook of Facegram with the “Trout Pour” most of them wouldn’t raise a smile let alone a hard on. As for th dumb shit wanna be gangsters / rappers if they were Theobald Johnson from the Inernet city I may take them seriously but when they are an overweight balding middle aged bloke from Accrington or wherever gotta laugh, so sad. 

And these muppets post on YouTube if not being mid 30’s balding overweight male with a trout lipped tart who is Accrington’s next model was bad enough they post it on Social Media to warn us to “Stey Away” Nowt wrong with dickheads society needs and they make me look good, but please don’t advertise the fact. 

Electrician, Bricklayer, Plasterer real jobs , no wonder soviety is broken 

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