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Navy presses for 2nd Chinese sub

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The Royal Thai Navy will press ahead with its plan to buy a second submarine worth 12 billion baht from China, according to a navy source.  

The navy is waiting for parliament to approve the government's 2020 fiscal budget bill which is expected to be submitted for deliberation before the purchase can be made, the source said.  

Under the previous coup-installed government, the cabinet agreed in principle with the navy's plan to buy three submarines from China as part of a 36-billion-baht procurement plan.  The scheme was put before the cabinet on Oct 25, 2016, and required a budget over 11 years....



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On 8/12/2019 at 8:10 AM, Flashermac said:

The only plausible threat to the Thais would come from China - as unlikely as that is. So naturally one should buy the subs from China.  :)

Oh Flash, how quickly you forget!  In the Land of Tons of Elephants, memory runs deep - what baan nok villager does not recall in his or her genes that dire day in December 1941... or the cruel wind that blew east from Burma in 1765 or thereabouts... and the Khmer will not soon forget the 13th-14th century humiliations!  We must stay on guard, thinks that baan nok villager - we must stay on guard, with all the sleepless vigor of a Vietnamese looking northwards down the centuries for signs of new troubles heading south... There are imminent threats a plenty, my friend - just depends on your timeframe for 'imminence'...

Too soon? 



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