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Bangkok road briefly closed amid bomb fears


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Police temporarily closed the inbound section of Rama I Road outside their headquarters on Thursday after a security camera captured a man dropping a suspicious object at the fence.

Traffic police radio reported the closure of the section of Rama I Road near the Royal Thai Police head office to check a suspicious object at around 5.30pm.

Bomb disposal officers were called into the area to handle the situation as the roadblock caused traffic congestions on other roads, it said.

The roadblock ended an hour later after police confirmed that the object was not a bomb, it added.



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At 10am, Friday morning, I entered Bangkok Christian Hospital on Silom for an appointment with my Orthopedist.  When I departed at 11:30 and walked towards Sala Daeng BTS station, I was suddenly enveloped in a swarm of police.  Sidewalks were immediately taped off as were all entrances to the BTS station and adjoining buildings.  Passengers in the BTS station were not allowed to exit to the street.  News crews came streaming in and it was instant sidewalk chaos with no place to escape.  Pandemonium reigned for close to an hour, then tape barriers started being pulled down.  Only then did I learn there had been a bomb scare at the BTS stairway near Patpong-2.  Nothing found.  A lot of disappointed news crews stalking away.

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