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Decline of the USA


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55 minutes ago, cavanami said:

In the 1860s we had the plantations in the south of the USA. The south was the territory of the Dems. KKK was the Dems. Jim Crow was the Dems. The Dems voted against any civil rights laws....until after the Civil War (1865).

Since the Dems no longer had the slaves to do their bidding after 1865 and the plantations were in decline, the Dems had to find something to enrich themselves.

Immigrants arriving in the USA. The Dems latched on to the immigrants providing them with free things, meager as those things might have been it was better then nothing. Then the Dems went after the unions. All the maneuvers were to get people to keep voting the Dems in.

...and today, we can called it the urban plantation.

Aaaaaaargh, to me the Dems are the Republicans are the democrats - they are as equally corrupt as each other.  The more important issue you bring up is the political infighting over slaves.  Today the 'urban plantation' is the prison.  What do you do when it becomes increasingly hard to enslave people?  You either keep enslaving them, or you wish they'd just disappear.  Warehousing people, stop them from breeding, and profit from them. 

You see none of this is really that clever.  If I was so inclined, I could have come up with this strategy over my morning cup of coffee.  And the caveat is I would have to be prejudiced, venal, mentally impaired and someone so completely unaware of my self that I wouldn't realize how fucking stupid I was. 

I'm not anti-American, just reasonably intelligent.

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The USA now has the uni-party...Dems = Repubs = Dems. Yes, too much corruption and self serving!

In prison, depending on the crime, many cannot vote so it doesn't help the Dems for their urban plantation but certainly helps those profiting from the prisons. In that regard, prisons contribute to enslave people.

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Despite science proving that climate change is a foreboding disaster.  The US chose to abdicate their leadership on this issue by announcing they don't give one fucking shit about the world's 200 plus other countries signers to the Paris climate accord.  Well done grand ole USA!  This decline is not only absurd and ridiculous, it's like watching a deeply morbid orangutan committing suicide in slow motion.  

The decline is embarrassing as well.  As someone who loves languages I think the most accurate word is a German one: Fremdschämen  I literally feel embarrassed for America.



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The new mafia - Wall Street. 


One of the ways the mafia used to make their money (well still do) was by forcing themselves into a middle man position.  This didn't particularly hurt the business they were disrupting either.  Let me give you an example.  Say the mafia notices that bread is being sold for 90 cents a loaf.  Bakeries compete against one another so there is a natural resistance to selling at a higher price.  The mafia will come in and say from now on the price is $1.00.  And all they ask is for a 1 cent commission per loaf.  The bakeries get to increase their prices by 10% and now the mafia is in the bread business.  Everyone wins right?  Except they don't. The next time you buy a loaf of bread you're paying 10% more for no reason, and even more appallingly you're now paying a mafia tax of 1% kind of tacked on in the end like a fuck you.  Make no mistake, despite your generous contribution you're held in high contempt by these criminals. 

It's a rather simplistic description but it's only so you can get the general gist.   


Now to make it to the big table, take this strategy and put yourself directly in the flow of the taxpayer stream.  Don't just dip your beak in, fucking wade in it.  Design fiduciary instruments to rape retirees savings, make incredibly risky bets, safe in the knowledge it is all completely legal (unlike the mafia example) and if you do fuck up - well the taxpayer is there to save you!  The worst that can happen is the government might ask you to pay a small fine out all the winnings you made, but you've already priced that in as cost of business.  What a wonderful life! 

Welcome to America!

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Easy, you can google it...

The House of Rockefeller BIS is the most powerful bank in the world, a global central bank for the Eight Families who control the private central banks of almost all Western and developing nations.

The only countries left in 2003 without a Central Bank owned or controlled by the Rothschild Family were:
  • Sudan.
  • Libya.
  • Cuba.
  • North Korea.
  • Iran.
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Yeah, I don't know, it's so difficult to tell what really is going on because in my opinion the whole study of economists is a sham.  It's so intertwined with politics and conspiracy theories.  Normally to understand something like this I'd read a peer reviewed journal, but a lot of those researchers (like the infamous Chicago university) - well they are just paid shills.  If you want research funding, well then you'd better toe the line!

They use terms like 'Free Enterprise', which in reality is government paid research given away to private companies to profit from - another tax payer intercept.  The whole field is mined with such obfuscated terms, it's almost like another language, and most people don't question it or understand it.  I am interested in it, and I can understand it, but it's demoralizing how much they try to ensure you won't.  They don't call it the dismal science for nothing.

Now don't judge for this because there is so much propaganda and such, but being bloody minded, I've started from the beginning and I've been reading a lot of Karl Marx, Adam Smith etc.  Doing this I'm slowly grasping what is going on, but it's a steep learning curve. 

My suspicion is the US had a very large role in the modern system.  The notorious meeting on Jeckyll Island for example.  But I confess I don't really know that much about it.  I'm on commenting on the current state of the US economy, but I do take the point that I don't know enough about the history to really debate it.   

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Pills in a Panini - whilst I don't generally follow your arguments, from a desire to maintain my own limited grasp on sanity, I do think that you and I have a similar understanding, of what we could term, 'Wot is wrong with the world'.

And succinctly - I think that in a similar way, to when the printed word and education, became available to the masses, that the attitude of the world's population is now changing on account of the internet and mobile devices.  The news these days is full of folk fighting and dying, war is a constant, current systems have no method of dealing with a populace that knows better than the , ahem, 'leaders'.

We are seeing people, en masse, wondering why it is, that some in our society get to live in the lap of luxury, purely because of accident of birth and a misguided belief that they are "better".

And example of how indoctrinated we are or were, is the national anthem. I had the misfortune to watch the rugby wherein the English and NZ national anthem were played. The NZ one is a mish-mash of aspiration and heavy on this "God" fellow protecting NZ. The English one is all about the gracious Queen and her being noble, victorious, glorious and 'long to reign over us', and this "God" fellow maintaining that status quo. 

Now as far as the current queen goes, not a bad one when it comes to heads of states, but still someone who is vastly glorified and at the end of the day, a human woman.

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