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Skype, user account I opened for her mother to talk to me back in 2003. when there was nothing else. To talk to friends she uses FaceTime, all have iPhones.

Zoom is good and recent, I use it all day for work and it can do (invite and hold a meeting) with any email address outside of organization. She does not need any of those features, FaceTime is good enough.

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11 minutes ago, Mekong said:

Considering SKYPE wasn’t released until August 2003 you did well.

Why are you bringing up 2003? (Now I am doing what you do: edit already submitted and answered post.)

Could be, now I remember installing in Tokyo (where I came in September 2003) and then in Bangkok on next trip. It was beta and unreliable.

Where are you drawing any relevance to online Thai learning today? Or you are back to stalking mode and pissing over posts when nothing to say?

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1 hour ago, Mekong said:

I am bringing it up calling you. You initially stated in your post installed SKYPE for daughters mother in 2001 before you edited it 

If SKYPE has no relevance to online Thai learning why did you bring it up first then.

Stalking. Appears you have no other interest in the topic other than chasing my posts only and polluting the thread.

Otherwise, you would have seen that one post up, Paul101 is asking exactly that and me replying:


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