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Visa to travel to Oz refused

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Now it's the girlfriend of a Thai person.


The person refused has a full time job, never been in a bar, I don't think even drinks.


The partner is a full time student


Partner is travelling with their mother,


Mother and partner have 3 year multi entry tourist visa's to Australia and have had those with other back to back torusit visas for 15 years.


I didn't even know Australia issued a 3 year tourist multi entry visa


Pre-COVID the partner and mother would visit family here a few times a year


Family member in Australia sponsors them and gave guarantees to everyone


The oz family is very wealthy, worked hard as a laborer and now is pretty bloody rich


And Oz embassy has decided to deny a tourist visa to the girl who wants to come and make first visit.


Application lodge 7 weeks ago, ticket booked for end next week.


Some fucking chinese thai at the business not the consulate has decided they pushed enough paper work for one day and went "nah, some bitch from Chaing Mai ain't going to Oz


Un Fucking Believable



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