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  1. Sounds reasonable to me. I'm still figuring out the easiest way to get there from Royal President. My one dislike for the place is that it is noticeably less geographically convenient than, say, the Nana Hotel.
  2. I've been working in Alabama, US, the last several years. About a year ago, we had a MAJOR tornado system go through, and it took out ALL of the distribution power lines for the northern part of the state. The power was off for five days. No telephone, no cellphone, no internet, no nothing. The local radio broadcasters were up, presumably on generators. Local places started hauling in generator vans. Interesting scene at one local store, watching people sitting and charging all kinds of batteries. I'd never before realized just how important artificial light is to civilization.
  3. Specialist

    Dentist !

    I should probably have reserved a couple of points, so I could add them today. The lab did a BEAUTIFUL job on the replacement crown. It darned near snapped right in. The dentist had to do a little bit of work on the front and back sides, to get clearance for dental floss. She basically didn't have to ANYTHING to get the height correct (maybe a LITTLE bit of buffing, but nowhere near as much as other dentists have had to do for me. This probably has something to do with them taking an impression of upper and lower sections, with teeth fully bit down, so the model will show exactly how much clearance is available. They still did a great job. Hopefully, I won't need any more dental work done in Thailand any time soon, but, if I do, I know where I'm going.
  4. Specialist

    Dentist !

    I can add my recommendation to Coss's. I broke a chunk off of an old crown, the night before I was scheduled to fly to Bangkok. On the strength of this recommendation (Thai360 is good for SOMETHING!), I scheduled an appointment with them by email. I was not quite prepared for the dentist being young, female, and somewhere between beautiful and outright drop-dead gorgeous. And she was absolutely competent. Knew what she was looking at, knew how to explain it, knew what she was doing. I now have a temporary crown in place, with final crown scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Recommended, at 10 on the scale.
  5. The way I heard it, way back when, North Vietnam and South Vietnam had been fighting off and on basically since before the dawn of recorded history, certainly for the last few thousand years, and the fight usually stalemated right around the DMZ. South Vietnam had all the good land, and North Vietnam wanted it.
  6. See you in a week or so. I'm currently on the Dawn Patrol flight Friday morning, landing Swampypoom around eleven PM (I think) Saturday night. Where's the Friday night meeting nowadays?
  7. Traceroute is a standard utility for tracing the route a packet takes between originating site and destination. While IN THEORY the packets could go in all kinds of directions, in practice the first few hops from your computer will tie your location down pretty closely.
  8. OK, what's the easiest way to get from lower Suk to Ban Mo? It appears to be a good hike West of the National Stadium, ruling out the Skytrain. One website (and some map study) SEEMS to suggest that taking the river ferry from Taksin Bridge (Skytrain connection) to Pier 8 might be an option. Or is this one of those "take a cab and deal with it" stories?
  9. For that matter, Amorn Group has a website all their own, and it DOES have an English-language option. The place looks interesting enough that I'm probably going to have to wander through there at some point while I'm in town next month.
  10. Another website lists them on the 3rd floor of the Old Siam Mall.
  11. It isn't that hard to avoid Songkran. Check the calendar. I'm landing at Swampy on the 21st, for a two-week stay. I chose that date SPECIFICALLY to avoid the Songkran free-soak zones. (I arrived during Songkran once and that was ENOUGH, for a few years at least.)
  12. Alfred, Lord Tennyson. I had to look it up. It is the account of what I suspect is the *ONLY* successful cavalry charge against a fortified position in all the history of warfare on Planet Earth. Pickett tried it a few years earlier, at Gettysburg (if memory serves me), unsuccessfully, and the butcher's bill was horrendous. The Light Brigade was successful, but it cost them something like 90% casualties. "Another victory like that and I am undone!" (I don't remember who said it, but I think it was some Roman general.)
  13. Download MalwareBytes, install it, let it update itself, and then reboot into Safe Mode, and run the full scan from Safe Mode. All of your virus and malware scans should be done from Safe Mode.
  14. T minus 6 weeks and counting. ETA Suvarnabhumi 21 Apr DEROS 6 May. Air and hotel reservations in place.
  15. That is unfortunate. I liked Los Cabos. The food was good, the margaritas were good, and it was easy to get to.
  16. Many years ago, a coworker of mine, Jewish as I recall, stated that the Commandment in question was usually translated as "Thou shalt not kill", but a more accurate translation would be "Thou shalt not murder." This explicitly allows that SOME killings may be necessary, even honorable. The Roman Catholic Church has had a "just war" doctrine for a very long time. Catholics don't WANT to kill, and are expected to avoid killing if they can, but self-defense and defense of family and friends (and Church!) is an entirely different matter.
  17. That is a VERY good point. SAVAK was reputed to be VERY good at what they did.
  18. Quoting my primary care physician many years ago, when I had mononucleosis and I mentioned that a coworker had freaked out about me being at work: "I see husbands with mono ALL THE TIME! I see wives with mono ALL THE TIME! Do I EVER! see husband and wife with mono at the same time? NO. Do I EVER! see a husband catch mono from his wife, or a wife catch it from her husband? NO. Mono is not that contagious!"
  19. The first time I was in Thailand, it was for a seminar. Several guys attending the seminar were getting Thai massages daily instead of eating lunch. It took me a couple of trips to work myself up to trying it. Now I'm hooked. A good Thai massage is GOOD for me. (And I'm just getting straight massage, no "happy endings", no extras.)
  20. First place is unquestionably Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Dallas, 1992. Second place goes to Don Henley, Dallas, mid-late 1980s. Third place goes to Dire Straits, Dallas, mid-late 1980s.
  21. You are probably correct on the first part, incomplete on the second. The Founding Fathers were well-educated, and they all knew that every democracy that had ever existed had eventually committed suicide. The reason is always the same: the voters eventually figure out that they can vote themselves bread and circuses from the public treasury, and nobody can stop them from doing it. Part of the purpose of the Electoral College is as you said, but only part. Another part was to ensure that Presidential candidates would have to appeal to more than the bare minimum majority. (This is the eExact same principle as that behind the bicameral Legislature, with each State having the same number of votes in the Senate, although the Supreme Court wrecked that part when they decided to require direct popular election of Senators, rather than allow each State to decide how they wanted to select Senators.) A wise man once remarked that "Vox Populi, Vox Dei" translates accurately as "GOD! How did we get into THIS mess?"
  22. There are two schools of thought. One is that the amp should be absolutely transparent: it should provide gain, but no distortion, where distortion is ANYTHING that causes the output signal to be anything other than a perfect reproduction, except for power level, of the input signal. Reviews from this school tend to talk about noise levels, THD (true harmonic distortion), nonlinearity, bandwidth, need for equalization, output impedance matching, and other things that can be measured objectively The other is that the amp should "sound good". This school holds that distortion is perfectly OK, provided the distortion sounds "good", whatever that is. Reviews from this crew tend to be full of subjective language that is never defined, intended to be meaningful only to marketing droids, people with golden calibrated ears, just like the author, and people with WAY more dollars than sense. Tubes have one alleged advantage over bipolar transistors: tubes distort gently, while transistors clip hard. Push a tube a little too hard, and it distorts a little, push it harder and it distorts a little more. Push a transistor too hard, and it clips hard, immediately. This advantage went away with the advent of field-effect transistors: they distort just like tubes do (and you can buy "Tube Grinder" guitar stomp boxes that are nothing but deliberately overdriven FET-input amplifiers). If it seems fairly obvious which school I come from, well, there's a reason for that...
  23. Internet Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.
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