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  1. Central Park is twice as nice, but twice the price. Id look to stay there again due to the big rooms and the jacuzzi.
  2. Spent the last week in Angeles 1st 4 night at Central Park Tower andantes 2 at orchid inn. both were very good, pure mongers places. Walking street seemed quiet and everyone said it’s low season. But the girls were extremely accommodating and I liked the 24 hours nature of the clubs and bars. only downside is that I think one of my companions has given me a water infection and you can’t get amoxy without a prescription here.
  3. If leaving the E.U. was hard enough, imagine how hard Scotland leaving the UK would be Customs Union, Hard Border etc? People have learned absolutely nothing
  4. Has anyone tried these Argentinian steak houses that area around? eye watering prices, is it worth it?
  5. I just do not know what’s going off out there.
  6. That was a great bar area about 10 years ago. The food court and the pool bars were good fun. glad to see something like that is coming back
  7. Is this where the food court and New Wave was? the Bangkok bar scene is an absolute joke now. All these identikit boiler room bars are awful. id give my right bollock for Soi Zero or Sukhumvit 1 Plaza to reopen.
  8. Oh dear, I was a fan of the Whistle ive been breakfasting at the Sportsman on Soi 13 when in Pattaya, good food but it’s a bit crap at night.
  9. Did there used to be a Greek restaurant on Patpong 2? i have vague memories of eating some excellent Souvlaki down there once
  10. Actually there is one. It used to be Check Inn 99 but has changed its name looks about as inviting as a prostate exam. up and down the street there isnt a single one. I think the last one to go was that Ozzie bar half way down
  11. There isn’t a single bar on Soi 33 now. Every single bar on Nana looks the same. Patpong closed at 2am Queens Park Plaza closing in 5 weeks time whats going off out there?
  12. It’s on Ekkamai now.
  13. Was it actually called Belgian Dog? fantastic burgers, wasn’t the owner on here a lot?
  14. Completely pointless trip down memory lane anyway I miss Big Mango burgers and Larry’s Dive bar, lovely sandwiches there. what was that Belgian place on Soi 22 that did the great burgers? Belgian Dog?
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