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  1. Shibuya

    What Is The Latest Book That You Have Read?

    Just finished “Touching the Void” Gripping stuff, read it in one sitting (im not busy)
  2. Shibuya

    Taxi Complaint

    I was in a crash once near Pratunam with a complete lunatic of a taxi driver who was covered in sweat, eyes rolling round in the back of his head, gurning and having weird jerking muscle spasms. The police arrived on the scene, took one look at him and....... asked to see my passport
  3. Shibuya

    The TM 30 form

    No, I never spend more than 3 weeks in Thailand and get a new visa every year from my home country
  4. Shibuya

    The TM 30 form

    How so if I never go anywhere near immigration? and never extend my visa
  5. Shibuya

    The TM 30 form

    I’m a FIFO on a multi entry 90 day Non-B Visa. I never stay more than 3 weeks in Thailand and have never been to immigration. I rent a condo in BKK and sometimes go to Pattaya for the weekend. Does TM30 affect me at all?
  6. Shibuya


    The pounds on the March now that brexit is all but cancelled
  7. Shibuya

    Any Updates on Samui

    Just got back from Samui, Chewang was a complete waste of time, mostly ugly girl on Soi Reggae and the other area near Henry Africa’s or whatever it’s calls lamai was great tho, the beer bars were pretty packed with girls and it had a great atmosphere, they were looking for 500 Bf and 1500 short time. Id definitely go back
  8. Shibuya

    Future of this board

    This is how much Bangkok has changed: My taxi driver is trading Forex as we sit in traffic.
  9. Shibuya

    Future of this board

    Hasn’t it just, I was just taking a walk down memory lane and it’s unrecognizable from when I 1st came here 13 years ago. God knows what it’s like for people who have been here 20+ years The world changed, Thailand changed and maybe not all for the bad. When I first came here I would meet people in small pubs on Soi 4 who owned shares in bars in Nana Plaza, who were not members of organized crime syndicates. Can you imagine such a thing like that now? I remember meeting people who sold fake handbags on eBay and pirate DVDs to the U.K for a living, something that would be unfathomable to today’s expats. None of my original crew from 2007 are in Bangkok anymore, not a single one of them. Some died, some went home and quite a few moved to Chang Mai and spend their days posting hateful things about Muslims on Facebook. im feeling strangely nostalgic for Soi Zero and Sukhumvit 1 plaza today oh well
  10. Shibuya

    Star Of Light Update

    There is a really cute early 20s girl who sometimes works in there, she could easily work in a gogo, but she says she is happier working in the same place as her auntie. I listened to their story with keen interest, and then got the auntie lick my arsehole whilst I roughly fucked her nieces mouth, before shooting a load of cum down her throat. What a smashing day out
  11. Shibuya

    Stickman Leaving Thailand Soon

    Here here! Every single forum on Thailand is filled with a vocal minority of dreadfully ill informed "experts" who have to prove they are the authority on every subject. It drives me up the wall.
  12. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    This isn't a joke tho: My friend once loaned $5000 to his mother in law so she could buy a plot of land, next to the family farm, that was being sold at a bargain price. With this land joined to the farm and the money left over being used to modernise the place they managed to increase the value of the estate by something like $20000. They then sold the whole thing for 6 figures (at least, I don't know the exact numbers) How much of the $5000 loan was returned to my friend? With the profit they made, surely $7000? Nope, he got Zero, zilch. Fuck all. Not a single penny did he ever get back from them.
  13. Shibuya

    When The (Farang) Ex Bf Wont Quit

    There is something uniquely entertaining in watching 2 Falangs brawling over a Thai girl who has kept her options open and made up a story about 1 of them to protect her own back. Better still is when everyone's mates get involved and gang warfare erupts.
  14. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    I'll have to admit defeat and go for option 1. Another sorry case of a Falang being manipulated by a Thai lovely. It's been a bad week, first the mother in laws buffalo gets sick, then my wife has to give 10000 baht to her brother for an emergency eye operation, and now this.
  15. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    Is that bad? I don't use the forum much these days.