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  1. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    Won’t be long before all the restaurants are closed in Pattaya. Police are already doing the rounds and closing places at random. there is one beer bar near to me that is operating almost completely in plain sight, they aren’t even pretending to serve food
  2. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    Incredible the amount of “restaurants” that have sprung up in the last few hours i swear they weren’t serving food 3 hours ago
  3. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    Gym says it’s closing tonight. Massage parlours closed as of a few days ago ”restaurants” all still open
  4. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    That would be 19th, then. i think is more of a case that the police haven’t made the rounds yet to tell people to close
  5. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    Bars are still open this afternoon, I guess they are claiming that are restaurants?
  6. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    https://thepattayanews.com/2020/03/17/pattaya-to-close-all-entertainment-venues-such-as-bars-nightclubs-and-massage-shops-until-the-end-of-the-month/ but everything is open as of this afternoon
  7. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    But quieter tonight in Pattaya, feels like there has been some kind of change in the last few hours Noticed a few bars and restaurants didn’t open up today
  8. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    I went for a dump in Pattaya City hospital this morning (emergency measure due to oysters last night) I was surprised how quiet it was. You would never know there was a pandemic going on
  9. Shibuya

    The Covid-19 thread

    Pattaya is quiet, but not dead by any means. Windmill was packed last night as was Billabong
  10. Are there no hidden geniuses in some back room in a small pub (like the old Belgian Dog) cranking out strangely good burgers? I don’t half feel nostalgic for bars like Big Mango this week
  11. Are those holdouts on QP Plaza still there?
  12. Went down soi 7 tonight, perfectly fine bar area that hopefully will grow into something. Lacking character, but that might come Noticed there was a couple of bars still clinging on in QP, don’t know how long that will last.
  13. Walked past where Big Mango used to be tonight and got me in the mood for a burger. Where,s good now? Really miss bars like BM
  14. Central Park is twice as nice, but twice the price. Id look to stay there again due to the big rooms and the jacuzzi.
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