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  1. Shibuya

    Star Of Light Update

    There is a really cute early 20s girl who sometimes works in there, she could easily work in a gogo, but she says she is happier working in the same place as her auntie. I listened to their story with keen interest, and then got the auntie lick my arsehole whilst I roughly fucked her nieces mouth, before shooting a load of cum down her throat. What a smashing day out
  2. Shibuya

    Stickman Leaving Thailand Soon

    Here here! Every single forum on Thailand is filled with a vocal minority of dreadfully ill informed "experts" who have to prove they are the authority on every subject. It drives me up the wall.
  3. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    This isn't a joke tho: My friend once loaned $5000 to his mother in law so she could buy a plot of land, next to the family farm, that was being sold at a bargain price. With this land joined to the farm and the money left over being used to modernise the place they managed to increase the value of the estate by something like $20000. They then sold the whole thing for 6 figures (at least, I don't know the exact numbers) How much of the $5000 loan was returned to my friend? With the profit they made, surely $7000? Nope, he got Zero, zilch. Fuck all. Not a single penny did he ever get back from them.
  4. Shibuya

    When The (Farang) Ex Bf Wont Quit

    There is something uniquely entertaining in watching 2 Falangs brawling over a Thai girl who has kept her options open and made up a story about 1 of them to protect her own back. Better still is when everyone's mates get involved and gang warfare erupts.
  5. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    I'll have to admit defeat and go for option 1. Another sorry case of a Falang being manipulated by a Thai lovely. It's been a bad week, first the mother in laws buffalo gets sick, then my wife has to give 10000 baht to her brother for an emergency eye operation, and now this.
  6. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    Is that bad? I don't use the forum much these days.
  7. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    How is it trolling? I'm not being antagonistic to anyone here.
  8. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    Yes indeed. I'm just glad that my wife doesn't care enough to get involved.
  9. Oh yes, you can't win in Japan. Best just to grin and act the idiot gaijin than try and fit in.
  10. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    It's really irritating to be totally in the wrong AND not even get sex out if it.
  11. Shibuya

    Husband And Wife Mind Games.

    My friend and his Thai wife are having a "bad patch" He spends a lot out time out of the country and she is bored with having to stay home and look after the baby etc They seem to spend 95% of their time trying to make each other jealous, in a variety of ways, the result being that they spend a lot of time being very angry and distant with each other. She has been subtly hinting for while, that her and I are having an "affair" (which we are not) she is all over me when he is around, then drops me like a stone when he isn't. We do go to the cinema and shopping together however, when he isn't around. (I can't remember why) Obviously, this causes tension between my friend and I, but what really pisses me off is that she "secretly" IS screwing other guys behind my friends back, whilst I'm the one doing all the work and getting all the grief. A wiser man would probably cut his losses, and stop being the patsy in this game, but I've put so much time in with this girl that I really think I deserve (at the very least) a reluctant blow job from her. I forget my point, sorry.
  12. Shibuya

    Global RIP thread

    I've bumped into him a few times over the years, i always found him to be a nice enough chap too, he enjoyed his football and was easy company. I never had any problems with his porn work, the girls have to put up with way worse than him and they got well paid. As for the drugs and credit card stuff? Meh, so what? Drugs and fraud in bangkok? Not exactly a stain on the cities image is it? They are much bigger dealers and fraudsters than him.
  13. Shibuya

    I Think I'm In Love :)

    She is absolutely correct, she has probably never slept with any of her customers. She had unprotected sex with 100s of them in a dirty wooden shack by the side of the road, but never slept with them.
  14. Shibuya

    Where Can I Buy University Uniform In Bkk?

    ha ha, thats tremendous.
  15. Shibuya

    Where Can I Buy University Uniform In Bkk?

    Ive had a couple of Thai girls do it without asking, after i had rimmed them. Which seemed only fair. The 1st time i ever experienced it was with a middle aged Japanese women, i remember thinking "where is she heading?" as she went down there.