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  1. Hi guys, i will contribute if need be. Hope everyone is ok at this difficult time. STH
  2. RIP.. Already lots of flowers outside Thai embassy in London. STH
  3. I predict revival . When I started posting I was a twenty two year old law graduate who thought he knew it all . Now twenty years later , back humbled . Blind in one eye, left hand doesn't work. But still get the same buz from Thailand. RIP Sayjann. Loouii, Stateman, ChrisG, Romaning2004, Roy, ....m 50% of the London contingent are now in the wind... They were not that old.. One other member is in prison Thailand but I won't mention him, those that know him know his situation... STH
  4. Yep. Hadn't seen him in a few years . Real character. STH
  5. Very sad news, I just heard board member Sayjann passed away last week. For those that had the pleasure of meeting him in the flesh he was a real character, this came across in his great trip reports. Regards STH
  6. Sorry to hear about your loss. STH
  7. Hey Russ, Nut bar is ok. There is a big strip, they are hit and miss. Very good value. Girls have a good attitude there. STH
  8. I will be in town in august if there are anymore meets planned. sth
  9. Hi Sayjann, could you do the following Saturday , the 2 nd of November. STH
  10. Yeah, That's called Thai square, it's still there but hard to get in to in big groups of men, ok we will make it Saturday 19th, I can see you in Bangkok of the new year FM. STH
  11. Hello, I have pub that can reserve us space, for no cost in the heart of china town. This is a provisional date, what do people think. PS. Sayjann et al you can stay at my place if you need a place to stay. STH
  12. Lol, VI, he has been living in KlongToey for the past 9 years. I will see him this Christmas. His missius is still. A mamas an in Patpong and has taken care of him financially for the past 8 years. I will get cracking on an October meet. It will give us all, notice. I am glad you are will Sayjann. STH
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