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  1. Hi guys, i will contribute if need be. Hope everyone is ok at this difficult time. STH
  2. RIP.. Already lots of flowers outside Thai embassy in London. STH
  3. I predict revival . When I started posting I was a twenty two year old law graduate who thought he knew it all . Now twenty years later , back humbled . Blind in one eye, left hand doesn't work. But still get the same buz from Thailand. RIP Sayjann. Loouii, Stateman, ChrisG, Romaning2004, Roy, ....m 50% of the London contingent are now in the wind... They were not that old.. One other member is in prison Thailand but I won't mention him, those that know him know his situation... STH
  4. Yep. Hadn't seen him in a few years . Real character. STH
  5. Very sad news, I just heard board member Sayjann passed away last week. For those that had the pleasure of meeting him in the flesh he was a real character, this came across in his great trip reports. Regards STH
  6. Sorry to hear about your loss. STH
  7. Hey Russ, Nut bar is ok. There is a big strip, they are hit and miss. Very good value. Girls have a good attitude there. STH
  8. I will be in town in august if there are anymore meets planned. sth
  9. Hi Sayjann, could you do the following Saturday , the 2 nd of November. STH
  10. Yeah, That's called Thai square, it's still there but hard to get in to in big groups of men, ok we will make it Saturday 19th, I can see you in Bangkok of the new year FM. STH
  11. Hello, I have pub that can reserve us space, for no cost in the heart of china town. This is a provisional date, what do people think. PS. Sayjann et al you can stay at my place if you need a place to stay. STH
  12. Lol, VI, he has been living in KlongToey for the past 9 years. I will see him this Christmas. His missius is still. A mamas an in Patpong and has taken care of him financially for the past 8 years. I will get cracking on an October meet. It will give us all, notice. I am glad you are will Sayjann. STH
  13. When the business starts going to other banks they will realise they have to be more user friendly. How easy is it to open a Standard Chartered in BKK? STH
  14. Pilot , long haul with BA would have been dream job till 10 years ago. Like most roles employers getting stingy
  15. Cool WF, do you get to Bangkok much? STH
  16. Cool,. More than welcome to join us. STH
  17. Hello IB13, H, great to here from you. You showed me a phone with video recording capabilty about a year before they went mainstream, back in 2002. Those were some days. I hope you are well, where are you living now~? STH
  18. Cool, oil and gas is something we werent even told about at school, I wish I had been. STH
  19. I admire the Swiss, they look after their own little country well. STH
  20. Hey Sayjann, good to see you. I hope you are well. Mekong, where are you living now? STH
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