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  1. im the master of geogra[hy be my guest to try and cross that 900+km border anyway if the 'speed' trains gonna go from like saraburi to beijing who in bkk gonna use it without linkage? its gonna be like the airportlink v3.69:) as to constuction jams sure they are there and some like to drive above them! the thing is everything may be ready except some vital part like tracks on the pillars or electricity but then they still keep the roads blocked... anyway other cities like jakarta (or hanoi?) still dont have their first mrt, bts but at least some nice SRts (high speed lane buses)
  2. 'sold' might be a bold word, but resold, shiftet, repacked, eaten or etc sure, but EXPORTED FOR PROFIT? Nah what for? mai pen lai
  3. which station west of the river does not seem complete to you mr nakon nowhere? sure it does not quite reach the double samuts our west or even nakhon pathum but before you know it will! as for color line trains as one would notice they are everywhere and bangsue area is in complete transformation into a mega hub station so mark my words SRT may be the next big success after PTT shin etc! burma will find it hard to bypass LOS in its way to bridge china
  4. well if one did not do as accused so the correct thing is to deny it. bad people and good people would do this. good if these old cases could be getting an end verdict soon cuz so much bull going on for and against without much sense even better if we could stop naming the Shin family as none from that ilk have enough balls to show and deny anything in court so let them rule the world ex LOS )
  5. and others gonna love the don muang smiles as no need to trek all the way upcountry (samut prakan) to fly out of bkk
  6. yup who gonna believe anything when there is already so much contradicting 'facts' in the first 2 days/sources of this 'news': 2000bt fine for not producing passport or 20000bt fine+2 years jail? 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 I knew the junta were not really more in the real world than other thais but while the passport on your body at all times is merely a matter of enforcing an existing law then the news about overstays beyond 90days leading to bans is new/tightening right? And welcome
  7. well i suppose places change....mexico city, the sun pyramids & the city of pueblo? memories of paradise on earth now gone I suppose
  8. indeed agoda and any booking site can be a pain...only if booking direct with hotel/hotel chain booking system cancellations etc are dealt with smarter! anyway who cares about an inactive profile? just move on and let agoda suffer server, admin etc costs on inactive profiles mark their emails as spam etc (blocked)
  9. given that he worried about electric mark up I'd guess budge of 5-15k as most thais too are living in another thing not mentioned is tenency duration as 6m+ is typically needed for the new nice ones as per SS list
  10. Salt n Vinegar, sourcream n onion, durian, wasabi, masala give them all to me right now!
  11. is this a marketing ploy by ais to print this article and expect many customers to start raking up ridicule bills in the hope of getting exempted not to pay?
  12. i hate to disagree -1 as the law is the law also for outlawed low end prostitution, but once they will close down the whole of ratchadapisek/huaykwang hiso soapy massage prostitution I'll say 2-0 to the general
  13. they will be getting off scott free as premium upstanding members of the lawless society eventually die to pay a 100bt on the spot (unannounced the on the spot fines will be tripled) "What about the many drivers without a licence?"
  14. umm i had a very nice BIG plate of rice the other day ....
  15. is this something for universities etc or is it rather for the government to accept transgenders changing their ... gender ... in ID cards etc?
  16. its very easy these days...either you're with the general or you're out (of country) & can bring your sandwich duty free in your carry on luggage
  17. "Exact copy of medicine." so then it must be a genuine copy. whats the problem? its all chemistry with the added complication of profits?
  18. the generic actually worked better for me while viagra (it looked real, felt real & had a real bad hangover effect!) were the worst albeit surely aggressive active ingredients. on the street? well as with the clothes etc u luck may wary... as to pharmacies...sure they may stock generic brands or in fact less and less stock any sex drugs these days, but I dont see why most drugs would be fake or totally non effective vs. what they sell them as anyway im sure the next thing we know there will be stricter pharma controls in LOS !!
  19. welcome to the EU...the superior culture!!
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