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  1. A LONE SAS man was hailed a hero of the Kenya terror siege — after storming in to wipe out attackers and save civilians. He was in the country training Special Forces when news broke of the gun and grenade atrocity that killed at least 21 — including Brit Luke Potter. At least one other Brit was injured in the rampage. After getting kitted out, dramatic photos show the hero charging into a building single-handed — Colt Canada C8 assault rifle at the ready — to free cowering locals. In another, the balaclava-clad elite soldier, whose face we have masked, helps to carry an injured victim. He was also seen clasping a woman’s hand as he led her to safety. The man — a long-serving SAS member — checked plans with local special forces, directed sorties in the heat of battle and frisked suspects. An insider said last night: “He was training Kenyan forces when the shout went up, so he went in. “British Special Forces always run towards the sound of gunfire. “He fired off rounds during the operation. It’s a safe bet he hit his target — the SAS don’t miss. There’s no doubt his actions saved lives.” His battlegear included body armour, a Glock pistol and dagger. The hero is thought to have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and to be a top counter-terror warfare expert. Yesterday, survivors hailed his heroics in the 19-hour attack on Nairobi’s DusitD2 hotel and office complex. Lucy Njeri said: “He carried out one of the wounded, then went back and did that again. “There was a lot of confusion, a lot of people running around, but he stood out. He was very brave.” Joshua Kwambai — who fled a restaurant there when the attack began — added: “This guy got there quick. I think he was one of first there. He had a mask on. “We could see him talking to the police and army and they listened to him. They were looking at pieces of paper, maybe plans of the building.” https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8207170/nairobi-hotel-attack-kenya-sas-terrorists/
  2. Flashermac

    Air Pollution BKK to Pattaya - Where to Next

    Koh Chang should be fine. Don't know about nightlife though. Might have to bring a companion.
  3. Flashermac

    Thailand pollution 2019

  4. Flashermac

    Thailand pollution 2019

    Yesterday I saw some Thais in my area wearing face mask. First time I've ever seen that in my part of the city. The pollution must be spreading out here too. Toxic smog settles in for long haul http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30362313
  5. Flashermac

    Taxi explodes during gas refill

    SAMUT PRAKAN: Experts have been called in to determine what caused the fuel cylinder of a natural-gas powered taxi to explode at a filling station in Bang Phli district on Monday, injuring three people. Pol Maj Gen Ampol Buarabporn, commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1, inspected the blast scene, a natural gas pump operated by Royal Golden Dragon on Soi Wat Sri Waree Noi in tambon Bang Chalong, on Tuesday morning. He said investigators still had no idea why the explosion occurred. "Such incidents have happened before. I set up a panel to carefully investigate the cause. All relevant factors must be looked at, the taxi, the station and its staff. We must determine the cause in the interest of public safety," Pol Maj Gen Ampol said. Experts from the Energy Ministry and engineers from PTT Plc had joined the investigation, he said. The cab's compressed natural gas cylinder exploded about 2.30pm on Monday. Witnesses said the blast occurred when taxi driver Wichai Buadok, 45, got out of his taxi to pay for the gas. Mr Wichai was seriously injured by the explosion, which tore the taxi apart. Two employees of the gas station were also hurt and another taxi and gas pumps damaged. https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1611498/taxi-explodes-during-gas-refill?fbclid=IwAR0KUjuZ3x2mLZiOXYYMzuu-7NUyO9Nt3jZVcLKUnttmWIr5I8ItJ-2IDyI
  6. Flashermac

    Thailand pollution 2019

    When I first came to Thailand in 1973, there were comparatively few cars in Bangkok (population c. 2 million). Traffic moved very fast, and most people traveled by buses, which were dirt cheap (1/2 baht) and provided very good service. Most people didn't need or want a car. Then as the city grew, cars suddenly became a status symbol. Surveys have shown that newly wed couples put buying a car ahead of buying a home or condo. The traffic becomes worse every year, but a car still seems to be a "must have". It wouldn't be so bad, if it was just one car per family, but that is not the Thai way. If a family has 4 or 5 people, they will "need" 4 or 5 cars. Car pools to go to work? Nonsense, where is the status symbol in that? It's one car, one person. It no longer make any sense to drive downtown, since not only do you face the massive traffic jams, but you probably won't be able to find a parking space when you get where you're going. Nevertheless, look at all the red plates (new cars) you see on the road. I bought my car when I lived in rural Banglamung and needed it to get around. Now that I'm back in Bangkok, it sits parked more often than not and I take the MRT and BTS, both of which are now getting to be almost as crowded as trains in Tokyo. The way things are going, Bangkok will soon be unlivable. I'm on the very edge of the city, in a quiet area with tree lined streets. But how long before the pollution reaches here too? Rural Thailand is still nice, and I may well end up moving to the North one of these days. Tourists don't stay very long in Bangkok now, instead heading for the beach or the mountains. Can you blame them?
  7. Flashermac

    Any New Jokes

  8. Flashermac

    Saudi moves into th 21st century!

    Women's rights in Saudi Arabia: 'I escaped to seek a better life' As the debate about women's rights in the country continues, another young woman who fled Saudi Arabia for Canada has told her story to the BBC. Salwa, 24, ran away with her 19-year-old sister eight months ago and now lives in Montreal. This, in her own words, is her story. ... There's no life in Saudi Arabia. I just went to the university then moved back home and did nothing all day. They hurt me, and told me bad things like men are superior. I was forced to pray and fast at Ramadan as well. When I arrived in Germany I went to legal aid to find a lawyer for my asylum claim. I filled out some forms and told them my story. I chose Canada because it has a very good reputation for human rights. I followed the news about the Syrian refugees being resettled there and decided it was the best place for me. My claim was accepted, and when I landed in Toronto I saw the Canadian flag at the airport and just felt this amazing sense of achievement. I'm in Montreal today with my sister and there's no stress. No one forces me to do anything here. They might have more money in Saudi Arabia but here it's better because when I want to leave my apartment I can just leave. I don't need consent. I just go outside. It makes me feel really, really, happy. I feel like I am free. I just wear what I want to wear. I love the colours in the autumn and the snow here. I'm learning French but it's so difficult! I'm also learning to ride a bicycle and I'm trying to learn how to swim and ice skate. I feel like I'm actually doing something with my life. I don't have any contact with my family, but I think that's good for me and for them. I feel like this is my home now. It's better here. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-46818237?fbclid=IwAR1pnZVdmJyrW36oDnlRsD5ISc5yY8950kEhLfrU4Jft2Sd6hyK7CF_7sKA
  9. Flashermac

    Air Pollution BKK to Pattaya - Where to Next

    Interesting ... I'm on the edge of Chatuchak and Nonthaburi, and it's showing 89. Still plenty of green space around me.
  10. Flashermac

    Saudi moves into th 21st century!

    She's in Canada now.
  11. Flashermac

    Usa Thread

    A Canadian view, long but interesting. Read it if it interests you. Conrad Black: America's resurgence is reshaping the world https://nationalpost.com/opinion/conrad-black-americas-resurgence-is-reshaping-the-world