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Winboard.org Update packs english language


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after there has been some trouble with using Windows Update and the infamous WGA I thought to bring something forward that I use myself.

These are the Winboard update packs. I use the german ones but they also offer them in english language. There's a new version of these update packs, usually released the day after Microsoft had it's patch day. The packs imply that you have at least Windows XP SP2 installed.

Always two different packs, one with all updates since SP2, and an incremental one. The incremental update makes a much smaller download. So once you installed a full update pack you only need to download the incremental updates after that. Eg. once update pack 2.15 is installed you only need the update from 2.15 to 2.16, next month from 2.16 to 2.17 and so on.


The update packs include security updates for which until now no WGA validation is needed. Unlike Windows Update they do not update the WGA on your system. They do not include anything like IE7 beta, WMP 11 beta or Windows defender. If you need that, get your WGA validation and visit Microsofts download page.


WinBoard Update Pack XP SP2 2.15 - Englisch


Update von WinXP SP2 UP 2.14 auf 2.15 Englisch


Site is in german but you'll know where to click to get the download. I'll give the links for the next package when available.

Don't forget to restart after update. not mandatory, but recommended.

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one of the reasons I use a download manager. The Free Download Manager to be exact. Works with all browsers. I made it ask where to store each file. Use it for all kinds of downloads, including files as large as several GB (Linux distribution, Win Vista Beta).

Even the dreaded 24 hour reconnection of my broadband connection causes no pain. FDM picks up where the download was interrupted (admit, nothing special, in the world of download managers this is a given).

In Firefox I use the extension

Flashgot . That way I can decide to download the file with the download manager associated with Flashgot, or use the firefox download manager, or open the file with any other program. Admit, this way it's one pop-up more and one click more.



I had no problems downloading the 80 MB of the full update. But then it only allowed 2 parallel connections at a time, only when one chunk was done FDM could start a new chunk/connection.

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open a dos-box and try 'ping download.winboard.org'.

Hope the TTL (time-to-live) doesn't get near zero.

Seems they send the packages with TTL=64. To me it takes 9 hops so I get a TTL=55.

You want to check the hops, and if the packages are delayed at one of the hops. type 'tracert download.winboard.org'.

If packages are delayed too long or sent via too many hops they might get lost. Lost packages are usually no problem for download managers, but the download functions of firefox or IE can't handle this.

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