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911 - The NORAD Tapes


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a very long read but fascinating.

shows the fuck ups on the Day.

and untruths told later in the inquiry and People trying to cover their arses.


but i was surprised to read that Bush was the only one who had the final say if a plane needed shooting down.

judging by his reaction when told of the news and then being flown in the opposite direction when no-one really knew what the fuck was going on.

i doubt if he could have made any decision if it was suspected that 8,10,15 Planes had been hijacked.

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I agree with you, it really gives you a picture of the chaos on that day (which in itself really shouldn't surprise given the unprecedented scenario on such a big scale).


As I remember from the story, GWB granted the commanders authority to shoot down planes at around 10-11 a.m. Of course, at that time it was not needed any longer...


I also liked the story as it was free from the usual conspiracy theory angles.

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It is a hell of a decision to have to make...to order commercial airplanes, of your own country,in your own country shot down.


Who could make the correct call on a moments notice with limited info???


The Monday air-chair quarterbacks were all saying this and that, but could they make the call???


I was in San Diego airport getting ready to board a plane at 8 AM and then they said "one hour delay" as a "small plane" had crashed into the WTC. Then they said no flights until noon...I went back home at that point and then saw the real story and was completely shocked.

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yes it is a difficult question about shooting down a plane full of your own nationals.

we've all seen the Hollywood films which tell of this scenario but we all know the good guy finally saves the Day.


but what IF the Authorities had had 2-3 hours warning of a hijack (just for argument sake the 2nd,3rd or 4th plane after the 1st hit the WTC) would they have sanctioned shooting the planes down?.


they would have had no idea what the intended target might have been but if the planes had had their beacons switched off and with no contact from the Cockpit i wonder if the decision would have been made?.


would it be better to shoot down an innocent plane rather than risk another tragedy like the WTC/Pentagon?.

but i am sure the spindoctors could have easily manipulated the facts to suit themselves if the wrong plane had been downed.


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I would say it is BULLSHIT.


Griffis Air force Base, sometimes known as Rome Air Base, is located at Rome, New York. It had alread been decomissioned before 9/11 occured. NEAD occupies the facilities now. The land is FLAT!


So when the author wrote [color:red]"As Major Kevin Nasypany, the facility's mission-crew commander, drove up the hill to work on the morning of 9/11, he was dressed in his flight suit and prepared for battle." [/color]I wonder were his plane was that was ready for battle? And it appears the the airstrip was located on a hill/hilltop?


The location of the place was [color:red]"Tucked in a piney notch in the gentle folds of the Adirondacks' southern skirtsâ??just up from a derelict Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern rail spurâ??is a 22-year-old aluminum bunker tricked out with antennae tilted skyward. It could pass for the Jetsons' garage or, in the estimation of one of the higher-ranking U.S. Air Force officers stationed there, a big, sideways, half-buried beer keg."[/color] which seems to described the site at Stockbridge operated by Rome Research, formerly known as RADC. This site is a research facility.


Now that site does look like how the author describes it. Located on top of a huge hill, but the main building is not a bunker but one of the ugly military buildings built in the 50's.


I suspect Vanity Fair, which is not a news preporting magazine, got their hot "tip" information from one of the conspiracy sites.





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