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In Love Again.....


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I almost don't believe it myself but I have fallen for another gogo dancer. This is pretty serious, you really can't, and don't know how hard this stuff will sneak up and hit you.


It started about two weeks ago....I had been hitting the katoey circuit pretty hard, spending a lot of time with my wife in ayutaya, and working on some personal projects. I was heading to nana to meet a katoey friend.


She wasn't at work, perhaps she got barfined, and I didn't feel like waiting, so I headed over to gogo to have a beer sing and try to figure out what to do.


She greeted me right when I walked in. Perfect in every way...about 5 ft tall, less than 90 pounds, petite as hell, but very muscular....I have a special place in my heart for the buriram girls.....cinnamon brown sugar skin....didn't speak a word of english other than the usual bar rhetoric.....isn't it amazing just how pretty some of these girls are?


She instantly molded into my lap and we began the frenzy of only body language communication. I mean what a perk, it's almost like you revert back to caveman status, before language, and it's all about chemistry.


It was near perfect....the only non perfect part would be my marriage. Kind of a gigantic monkey wrench.


I spend a good deal of time with this girl [genetic female]. I love her, am completely head over heels for her. I have been honest with her about my marrriage, and she has shared quite a bit with me. I will continue to see her, but it is getting pretty confusing for me these days. She is sitting right next to me right now smiling.....I have never met someone who understands everything about me so completely.


I admit that I am getting lost, caught up in a lot, I am not the same person who came here 6 months ago...but this girl means everything to me right now. She validates my life. Sounds corny, but I just need to share......

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Hippie I have read each one....and often thrown the mysogynist card your way.....this girl is incredible....almost as if she were made for me. I'm not claiming she is different, I'm not claiming she is the one, I can only reflect on how i feel.


Wow....the lightning bolt has sure hit me......



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