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Hello you!

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Only if their cocks's bigger than mine!


Seriously tho, i barfined a girl from Lolipop or something in Nana and it was only during the walk of shame at Nana hotel i realised she "not like other girls"


Complained back at the bar, didnt get my money back



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Huh??? :yikes:


Now I know we told you to limit yourself and go easy... but you ARE living in Bangkok. :grin:


Wanking is something you really don't need to do

here! :nono:


I can't remember the last time I had a wank in LOS... :hmmm:


There were times when I did it just for the novelty, a bit of variation - you certainly don't ever need to in Bangkok, that's for sure, but every once in a while just to remind yourself that it's available is not a bad idea, imho...


Of course, haven't had a good wank since Nok came at me in the night with the garden shears... sometimes I still have a bit of phantom feeling in the stump, though, and it's just heartbreaking to look down and see the cropped little fella. (At least I ate the fishes that Nok fed it to, just to show who had the last laugh. Ha.)




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