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What are you listening to this week?


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Gary Numan was great and really "different" when he first started out, but I don't know another artist who got so progressively worse with each new album he put out.


The first 3 or 4 albums were magic.

But with each subsequent release got more and more boring and uninteresting. The critics panned him in the end and he was a laughing stock.


A pity because he obviously does have talent.

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Old school. I'm a big Lou Reed fan and have seen him perform a few times. I was listening to Iggy and the Stooges today. Easy to get quality MP3s but hard to find good videos on you-tube or google.


I like this interview I found of him with Dinah Shore, after he finished rehab and Bowie was helping him out.



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The Will to Death, a solo album by John Frusciante

Nice album, simple, quite retro, a little dark.


Have a listen at the link below:



I love John Frusicante's stuff. I've got all six of his albums on my playlist. The kid plays from the heart and I like the fact he could give two fucks about production.


He's also got a very unique falsetto voice which makes the harmonies in the RHCP's work so well.


Its funny that when someone tells me they like the RHCP's, I'll put his music on. More often than not , I get a response like "what is this shit? it sucks" :crazy:

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Guest lazyphil

my folks on my request got me neil diamond greatest hits 2 xmases ago, gets played a fair bit :thumbup: ....does this make me very uncool :D

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