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Dodgy Brothel for sale

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No idea why - but the owners of a very dodgy loas girl filled brothel came to the sister in law's hair shop and asked her to ask my wife if she (the wife) (SIL is flat out running a hair shop) could buy the brothel!


Seems people think that the wife has retired rich back to the village instead of running away with me and the kids to the village to save $'s and enjoy a nicer life.


The land is a few large Rai - as opposed the small Rai they use elsewhere - the girls Loas but cute I am told by those I went there with once. Bamboo shacks and thatched roof complete with karaoke - in fact with out the karaoke it would almost look nice.


1 million baht including girls I was told




A odd world up here



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Wife laughed - isn't likely to have either the $'s nor experience and interest in the venue as it's in the opposite path of her current work.


The girls look asian - dark hair - dark eyes - the huts look like bamboo - seriously typical bamboo huts etc.


Price given the large Rais is interesting - I wonder how they value it?

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