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I find it hilarious how many people will chime in with comments like "who cares" or "Galt should get a life" etc. Yet they have clearly read the whole thread and posted numerous times on it. Surely if you dont like the topic, you should stop perpetuating it by adding posts? :)


I think the fact that this thread is at 17 pages and still going clearly demonstrates that people DO care, including the ones who claim not to lol.


Personally I am with Buddha (the board member, not the deity). I think the whole saga is fascinating and I would be very interested in hearing Galts response to Sticks column.

I don't know about fascinating, but to be fair, it does have a plot, and various sub-twists.


I think there is an attraction to this post, maybe of about 50% with the 'cat fight' mentality to it. Which, most people, will get drawn into, to see who upsets who next, will the cat fight spill over, etc etc. :beer:


P.S I don't condone violence, even if it could be arousing :beer:



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The Galt is reading this forum I've been told via email, but why does he not post and make himself known?




If you are out there, SPEAK.


Let your voice be heard and face off once and for all with Stickman!



May the best man win!

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Weird how his site comes and goes. Forget his name here, he was always so obviously pretending not to be himself it was funny . Sudden thought, maybe he was in love with stick? Should we start a discussion in relationships? Stick is kinda cute, and it would be far more realistic compared to tylonol hotdog .

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