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Anyone arriving from any where into BKK this week or next week?

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Sure. All you have to do is find my house in C.M. and then find the booze' date=' with no help from me. B [/quote']



Might not be that hard. I was trying to find a friend's house in a strange neighbourhood once. All I had to ask where the Farang lived. Four or five kids quickly led me to the place. :D



Haha, this is so true! I had only lived in Thailand about 2 months, when I moved to rural Ayutthya province to live with a girlfriend (yeah, yeah, I was very stupid and naive in those days!)...only two hours from BKK by van/bus, but might as well have been out in the far reaches of Khon Kaen in many ways...


Anyway, my Thai was not yet quite up to par back then...and after hearing me one day stumbling through all sorts of detailed directions in Thai to a tuk tuk driver to get to her village from the nearby market town, my girlfriend simply barks to the driver "baan farang!"


Of course, the driver took us right there without another word of directions...

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