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Fiery Jack

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Will be making a detour — 3 days betwixt Xmas and NY in BKK :applause: — to Hanoi next month. Will be parking the wagon :angel: —> :devil: at airport immigration, :drunk: and thus, as always, looking for some shenanigans. :relieved:


Fellow quester and all-round top bloke Mekong :bow: has already generously PMed me in the direction of a couple of bars, but any additional up-to-date tips gratefully received. :hug: Yes, I've searched and googled it, soft lad, but all the info I find seems to be either out-of-date (good thing on Stickman's site, but was 2012, for example...) or annoyingly contradictory (some say it's 'chilly' there at Xmas; some say it's 't-shirt and shorts' weather... :clown:


I realise that tuppenny tarts are not really 'on' in Vietnam in the same way they are in Thailand, but I'm not fussed about that, as I'll be syphoning the python in BKK both sides of the Vietnam trip. :hubbahubba: Just want a bit of sightseeing, a few ales, and a bit of laughter and fun. :tuxedo:


I'll be a first timer in Hanoi. Visited Ho Chi Min some years ago, but I understand it's a very different set up there anyway? :hmmm:


I will of course post a trip report (sobriety permitting :nono:), so there's something nice for you all to look forward to, lads. Probably. :applause:


jack :help:

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Very different to HCMC I find, Ireally like the place, I could live there easily, not a thing I say about Bangkok.


Plenty of forums will offer more up to date information on where to find gals, frankly very easy, and i think Vietnamese much better looking than Thai's, "when" they have tits they are bigger, and higher on the chest.


My preference is to stay in the "Old City" in the middle of town, lots of cheap hotels, great views over looking the lake from the restaurant at the top of a building at the round about




Back to whores, you'll find the streets lined with trees, cheap beer, sit in a corner cafe on a milk crate like everyone else and watch the passing parade.


Speaking of Whores - I find most places I get a massage offer "extras" at not a high rate, how much "extra" that "extra" is varies.

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I stayed at the Thang Long Hotel. A smaller budget hotel near city center.

A smaller old French hotel. Tourist friendly. Helpful staff.


It took my less then 10 minutes after entering room to obtain some sanuk.



Thang Long Hotel

52 Cau Go Street | Hoan Kiem District - Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

04 3824 5712


A side note.


Upon landing in Hanoi - there were cows roaming the runway.

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Is Muff joining you on this one?


Maurice (aka Muff :clown:) says he's looking for a 'girlfriend experience' this Xmas, whatever that is. The last girlfriend I had hated my guts and told everyone I was a drunken cunt, tried to smash me over the head with a table lamp one night, and spent all my money*, so if that's what he wants, good luck to him.


(*On the other hand, shortly after the miserable bitch finally red-carded me, I shagged her best friend, who is 28 and has a lovely arse and massive tits, :relieved: and whom I'd always reckoned was a lesbian. :nono: Silver linings and whatnot. :applause:)


If he finds a decent 'keeper' bird in Bangkok, Muff :clown: says he might take her over to Hanoi with him for a few days so he's got snatch on tap, but he's a tight bastard with his money so I doubt if that'll happen. :nono:


We'll see. :applause:


jack :help:

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The other hotel I stayed at I can't find anything on internet.

That hotel was a new modern Communist hotel.

Constructed in mid to late 1970's.

11 stories or floors.

The price of rooms went down - each floor going up. Meaning the top story was cheapest.

As hotel was originally constructed without a lift or elevator.

BUT. When I stayed there they had installed a Japanese elevator. Only issue was that the elevator was smaller then the empty shaft that was originally constructed. Empty open spaces on each side each floor. The elevator did work though.

All of the toilet/WC fixtures were US manufactured - brand: American Standard. Must have been looted from the South when war ended.

On first floor had a large entertainment room/restaurant.

Got up early one morning - and all of the day staff were sleeping on the floor in the restaurant/bar/entertainment room.

Later went down for breakfast.

Hotel restaurant was virtually empty. At breakfast only one group of Koreans were having breakfast. Lots of food.

So I sat down and attempted to order a breakfast.

Waitress stated that in order to have breakfast one has to order a day ahead of time - the day before.

I asked how the Koreans got breakfast. Waitress stated that they had ordered that food "yesterday".

I did get coffee and juice. Hotel did have that on hand.


All in all quite interesting.

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