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Buy motorcycle in Lao , second hand


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extremely lovely Pam Tells me that purchasing used motorcycles in Vientiane no have. New one import from Siam is close to 60.000 Baht. Point is she no want come back BKK and work locally but city centre 5 kilo and no bus. Bubi now headache. Maybe Coss him know.




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T'were me I'd buy, new from a dealer, worth it, for peace of mind. 

Unless you can find someone, who has just bought a new one and can't keep up the payments, in which case it is common, for the new owner to take over the payments. But then there's a lot of trust in this arrangement, so you'd have to know them well.

Second hand, per se, well, I'd venture the opinion that most second hand moto have been run into the ground several times over, then polished for sale.

How ever there are some dealers around town (Vientiane) who offer non-new bikes for sale, including Harleys and Triumphs for the well heeled expat/tourist/naive.

It's been 6 years since I was there, so there're prolly a lot of Chinese offerings at economic prices.

For reference I paid nearly 2,000 USD, for a new Suzuki 125,  helmet and smiles in 2011, blue.

Caveat emptor

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