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D U E S S E L D O R F - my good old town

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In times of Corona you cannot write trip reports about adventures and experiences in Siam.
Therefore I am writing today about my beloved "Altstadt" = Downtown in Düsseldorf, the beautiful city on the Rhine, capital of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
We - my family - have been living here for over 63 years. So it is my home town. This is where I went to school, this is where I spent my childhood and youth, studied at
Düsseldorf University, this is where I met my wife, got married and got a daughter, who is 34 now. My God! How time flies!
In 1989 I went to Hamburg on business, to a company right in the middle of the port of Hamburg. Since then my primary residence has been in Hamburg/Buxtehude.
But my heart was always in Düsseldorf.
After my stroke in 2012 I spend the summer half year mostly in our garden in Düsseldorf. Once a month, I go to Buxtehude/Hamburg for a few days to check on things
in my flat and to work off the mail; and I spend one or two days in Hamburg City and in the world-famous and wicked, disreputable district of St.Pauli.

By the way, in the course of the last 25 years (since the existence of the internet and the many Thailandboards - almost all are dead; e.g. the Secrets-Board) I have reported
about Düsseldorf on various boards. It's interesting how many board members from the Anglo-American world know my city.
So, let's start. Yes, the Düsseldorf Altstadt (Old City, Downtown) is something special.
There are 150 to 200 Kneipen =  bars, pubs, beer bars, discos, music clubs, cafes, restaurants and snack bars on just a few hectares.
There are many places of entertainment and fun for every taste and for every age group.

For about 55 years I have been a regular in the many pubs in Düsseldorf's old town. I enjoy my Altbier and the very special atmosphere of each location.
I remember Petula Clark and her greatest hit „Downtown“ from the early 60ties:
"When you're alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go – downtown"

The writer of this pop song must have had my beloved Düsseldorf Altstadt in mind.

The next weekend I'm going out with my daughter and a few friends and have fun.
The Kneipen, beer bars and music clubs and trendy locations of our beloved Alstadt are always fun.

"The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
So go downtown, things'll be great when you're Downtown"

Here a panoramic view of the old town



On a summer's day in Bolker-street, the heart of the old town.




Inside a typical Alstadt-Kneipe.  [NOTE:  If her boobies are availably is unknown to me. I never asked her for barfine and longtime price.  55555]



Here we have a MILF; 50something, the landlady of the jazz bar "Em Pötzke".   Pötzke is great fun. Go there.



And here's what's most important: Alt Bier from Düsseldorf; top-fermented dark beer.



Here a photo from better and younger times; years before my stroke. With a few friends in a trendy pub called  "Einhorn" = Unicorn
trendy pub means in German Szene-Kneipe.
Students, artists, bohemians, bon vivants and me.

"Downtown - no finer place, for sure
Downtown - everything's waiting for you"


In our trendy Cafe


Here in a famous scene cafe at the edge of the old town, called Bazzar. ====>  https://bazzar.de/gastronomie/
A meeting place for the young, the beautiful and the rich.
All qualities that do not apply to me and my friends. 55555

In this cafe we meet once or twice a week and discuss the current political situation in Germany.
Again and again the common result of our long and heated debates: Germany is about to abolish itself!
"Deutschland schafft sich ab" = "Germany is abolishing itself" is the title of a famous book by famous Berlin boy Thilo Sarazin from 2010, which sold over a million copies.
The policy that has been pursued by the Merkel government for over 15 years:
* the energy turnaround
*the hasty and badly managed phase-out of nuclear energy
* the switch to renewable energies such as solar and wind; also carried out amateurishly: electricity prices in Germany are twice as high as in neighbouring countries
* the destruction of a key industry: car manufacturing
* the Euro catastrophe, for over 10 years we have been saving the euro; the debts are rising to immeasurable levels; the ECB is now drawing trillions from nowhere to save the southerners, many banks and companies from bankruptcy.
* the disastrous immigration policy with open borders for everyone.

I could go on, but I stop here. It is all so sad.
The saddest thing is that the German voter, the sovereign, is going through all this.
In elections, he votes 80% for the parties responsible for this policy.

The Germans, the German nation, that has been so successful so far, one of the leading countries in the world,
wants to get out of the Champions league and into the second, third league with all its might.

I started out so happy, so good-humoured and I end up full of grief, sorrow and heartache.

"Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht,
so bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht"

"I think of Germany in the night, so I am deprived of sleep"   wrote the great Düsseldorf poet Heinrich Heine (1797 - 1856), full of love but also with a critical eye.


Let's go back to Petula and a better mood:

"Downtown - no finer place, for sure
And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you
Someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to
Guide them along - happy again"

I sincerely hope that Nana Plaza and Pattaya, the Rockhouse, Mr. Phil's le Pub and all the other Kneipen and Bars and Pubs and Gogos I love will survive the Corona crisis.



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Düsseldorf, great city!

I have lived/worked there several times during working career.

My good friend lived north of Düsseldorf in a small town, Kleinenbroich.

Carry on! Keep up the good work (fun)!!!

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