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Check your wife's knives... for signs of sharpening.


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Finnish Ex-pat Found Dead in Sattahip With Slit Throat, Wife Says He Died By Suicide

A 57-year-old Finnish expat was found dead in his bed with a cut throat and a chopping knife on his chest. His Thai wife told police the man had been ruminating about suicide for a long time due to domestic problems in his homeland. 

The victim was found dead on Tuesday morning, February 28th. He lived together with his Thai wife, 49-year-old Mrs. Aranya Srisaeng, at a single-storey detached house in the Bang Saray sub-district of Sattahip district, Chonburi. His death was reported at 8:30 AM.

According to police, the Finnish expat was only clad in a pair of underpants. He suffered a deep cut to his throat, which severed his windpipe. A chopping knife was found on his chest. The foreigner’s wife was the first person who saw the body, according to her. She was crying and sitting in the room when the authorities and rescue team arrived.

According to her statements, she and her husband had lived together for five years without registering their marriage. Previously, the expat had returned and stayed in Finland for a couple of years. The man just came back about nine months ago and decided to buy a house.

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2023, according to Aranya at around 6 AM, the man woke up, and the wife made coffee and oat meal for him. The man then smoked and watched TV as usual while his wife left the house to take her relative to school.

However, when she came back, her husband was already dead in the bed with a knife on his chest, Aranya stated. The wife claimed her foreign husband had talked about taking his own life several times due to domestic issues in his homeland.

Mrs. Aranya is still being questioned by Sattahip Police. The man’s body was taken to Police General Hospital in Bangkok for autopsy. The couple’s neighbours reportedly told police that the two often argued.

The name of the Finnish man was withheld pending further investigation and contact of his embassy.


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Women of the Japanese samurai class also committed ritual suicide, called jigai, but, instead of slicing the abdomen, they slashed their throats with a short sword or dagger.

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