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If you've got one of these in yer bath, be careful!


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Absolfuckinglutey Pathetic, totally Quackers (I couldn’t resist that pun)

The Yellow Ducks we’re not a “Sign of Protest” (if anyone can tell what yellow rubber ducks and ant monarchy have in common I am all ears) but used as protection by the protesters from being assaulted by the police with water cannons and chemicals. Duckies

Does this also mean anybody caught selling a copy of “Les Misreables” will  e imprisoned , at her all the protesters were singing “Can you hear the people sing” from that Musical, or maybe owning a copy of “The Hunger Games” could get one into trouble since the protestors utilized the same 3 finger salute.

But that salute is the symbol of the Boy Scouts, maybe they will be outlawed as a terrorist organisation


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