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Today, 10:58

I just read Trump plans to penalise China for stealing industry secrets with huge amounts of money . Should this for a change come true I am willing to reduce my Trump-aversion from max 100 to 99,75 . ( Preliminary calculation ) .

In Topic: Usa Thread

Today, 10:14

I pray to the Lord / Buddha / Allah / יהוה ( mark your favorite ) every single morning for 3 hours that the abandoned arsehole Bannon comes up with hard facts which not even chronic liar Trump can  just brush off .

In Topic: Russian Foreign Minister Berates Us For 'destabilizing' World

16 January 2018 - 09:06

Other than Putin,Kim and the Chinese guy ( what´s his name ? ) Trump is the result of a democratic process and that is what is really frightening. And if somebody would ask me who is the less crazier between Trump and Little Rocketman I would now tend to decide for the latter. Still undecided though who looks more silly. Maybe even score.

In Topic: Police To File Human Trafficking Charge Against Owner And Staff At Victoria S...

16 January 2018 - 08:54

There is a similar problem with Arab refugees here claiming to be under 18 . The matter has been discussed in public over several weeks now and the result is that there is no way to determine a person´s age closer than about 2 years up and down after examining teeth, development of wishbone and dick ***. It seems to be impossible to find out if a person is exactly 16, 18 or other . I have been following this in the press and did never hear about magnetic resonance imaging .

*** Concerns Victoria Secret Massage Ladyboy staff only . Pre op .

In Topic: Usa Thread

15 January 2018 - 17:08

Mr Cavanami, Khun Trump now denying the Shithole thing leads to nothing because he has already told the world too much bullshit in the past.