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  1. I'm a fan of Column 16. Good location and great value Seems every time I book a room they have a promotion going on. 1-bedroom exec suite ran me about 3,900 baht per night.
  2. The arrogance shown leaves no doubt that you are being truthful about being a surgeon... and the necessity for bodyguards.
  3. Very sad news. My kids (1/2 Thai, 11 and 6) took the news pretty hard when I told them even though we have not lived in Thailand in almost four years.
  4. If that's your outlook on things... wow, no words. Never tempt karma, dude.
  5. Good thing for her she wasn't in USA. With that attitude the cops would have shot her on the spot.
  6. That site just confirms that I am happy with my decision to stay away from there for over four years now. I feel like I need a penicillin shot just from looking at the pictures of those skanks.
  7. Last summer the hotel room I stayed in had a very nice balcony. Problem was it had no "patio furniture" to enjoy the warm nights on said balcony and I never smoke indoors. Problem solved when I nicked a plastic table and chair from one of the roadside eateries down the road. Alcohol was definitely involved but hotel staff didn't seem to think it was that big a deal when I strolled right through the lobby with my prize.
  8. Common Thai knowledge is not known to mean all that much.
  9. That's not the problem because I put the SIM in a friend's iPad and it works fine. There is something f'ed up with my iPad but I can't figure out if it's software or hardware related. While messing around with my friend's iPad we put his SIM card in mine and still the same result... Good signal indication but no internet access. At first thought I'm leaning towards a hardware issue, but the signal indicator throws me off and it works fine on wifi. F Apple.
  10. I doubt the powers that be give two flying flips if it pisses off the expats. Expats don't vote and they have proven time and time again they don't want us here.
  11. I bought an AIS 3G prepaid card the other day and it worked fine. A couple of days ago I noticed that it was coming up close to its usage limit so when my iPad stopped connecting to the internet it was not a surprise. Next morning I head to the nearby AIS shop and get a refill for about 5GB. I didn't feel like lugging my iPad with me so I had the SIM in my iPhone. After the top up I was able to connect the iPhone to the internet without any issue. After I got back home, I swapped the SIM card back into the iPad but the internet doesn't work. In the upper left corner of the iPad scr
  12. I guess I'm just lucky that my bank automatically reimburses all fees associated with my account. When I get hit with an ATM fee anywhere in the world, the charge is reversed within 24 hours. Send a wire and get charged a fee... no problem, it's made right. Same with foreign exchange fees, etc. Of course the next to 0 interest rate sucks balls, but I probably come out ahead in the end.
  13. The S31 digs looked pretty good, but in the end I'm going to give the two bedroom panorama executive suite at the Column hotel a try.
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