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Software you can't do without


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Xnews: good for reading yEnc files from newsgroups (free)


spybot: for deleting spyware ( free)


I just installed SeeknClean which seems to clean out unnecessary files pretty good but I may get rid of it after the trial period (not free)

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A handy email utility I've been trying out is Sneakemail. From their website:


"The original disposable email service. Regain power over your inbox from commercial forces, and catch them spamming"


An example of it's use would be when you need to provide your email address to a

commercial site for a purchase or whatever. You click on the sneakemail bookmark you saved and a popup window opens, you login and create a disposable sneakemail address which looks something like "jlsjk02@sneakemail.com" which you copy and paste to the form. This sneakemail address is linked to your true email which you provide when you first create a Sneakemail account. Any reply from the website will be sent through Sneakemail then forwarded to your true email address.


You can also give email addresses to acquaintances you might not really trust with your true email, if they begin to annoy you just delete that address. In my opinion it beats setting up multiple Hotmail addresses. And you don't need to login to different accounts to check for messages.


It's real convenient once you've figured out how to use it. I've been using a free account for awhile now and like it so much I plan to get a paid account. http://www.sneakemail.com/

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I heard about eprompter on a radio techie talkshow the other day.


It is a cute, smart, little program that checks many email accounts for new mail with one click of the mouse. I keep some backup email accounts that I forget to check and then they expire. With eprompter they can be checked regularly manually or on a schedule. This is a great free program.




Gaw Guy

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- ZoneAlarm Pro (Pro for peer-to-peer and internet connection sharing)


- TuneUp Utils for system diagnostics


- WebRoot SpySweeper


- Shareaza (if you're on broadband)


- Paint Shop Pro




- Mozilla Firefox


- Messenger


- IE


- Windoze ;)

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I couldn't find any reference in this thread for this type of software, and a search comes back with a whole list of items, but not sure. So here goes....


Sometimes *my friend* visits some educational sites. Has many pictures that would be nice for downloading, saving and viewing at a later time. The normal way of click, save as, etc.. can get tedious, especially if the site has a large number of educational pictures....


Is there a good program out there to:


- classify, list, and choose which specific photos to save to disk? One progam even offered a small view of each photo to help recognize the best educational photos.

- maybe some of these photos are just "thumbs" with a link to the real picture - can any program also at the same time grab these photes from one level down the website?

- Oh, many times the default names of the photos are the same, like 01, 001, etc... can any program also do a mass renaming at the same time?


Any one?

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