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Software you can't do without


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Ditto MusicMatch Jukebox. Also:


1. PerfectDisk

Professional disk defragmenter - defragments everything, including boot files. Improves the performance of a PC noticeably after each use.


2. PopUpCop - Kills the annoying unauthorised windows you don't want when browsing. Customisable, by sites, features you want/don't want, etc, etc. Also can clean your history, URLs, etc, as you close, so your privacy is kept.


3. Dekart Private Disk Lite - gives you encrytable virtual disk capability.


4. IrfanView

Everyone'll say this one! The freeware graphics file viewer/utility.


5. Internet Explorer

Yes, I still prefer it. I think people miss the point when they go on about its size or say that Opera's faster. I've got Opera installed too and have tried others but I always find myself coming back to IE. It's bigger and (slightly) slower because it's got more features - Dynamic HTML, for one - that can make websites better.

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The must-haves (excluding work-related tools such as ACEftp, ACDSee, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc):


1. Mozilla/FireBird

Yes, Internet Explorer (IE) is nice -- but IMHO for a "power surfer" there is no way back when you're used to tabbed browsing in Mozilla. Feels a lot quicker than IE too. No need for external pop-up blockers since this is nicely integrated in Mozilla.


2. Eudora Mail

It's been free for a while now but still good as gold. I don't need all the bells & whistles of Outlook although I think that one does look nice.


3. Winamp

It's awfully boring to sit in front of a quiet computer 12 hrs a day ;) I'm afraid the new Windows Media Player 9 has finally caught up though....and I could prolly do with that one.


4. Mobile Safe PC

Passwords/logins/cc card numbers etc stored in one place.


5. Note Tab Pro

Text editing at its best.


Fallen, or soon to fall off, from the list:



any e-mail software (spam, spam, spam)

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Besides the above mentioned programs:


1 emule, another filesharing program, slower but much more software available


3 Iomega Quicksync 3: every 15 min. a backup of my worddocs on my Zipdrive


4 Norton Systemworks + Norton Internetsecurity for maintenance and security


5 Bigfix, small freeware, reminds of necessary patches and updates


6 Spybot + Adaware against spyware


8 jv16 Power Tools: to clean the registry


9 Babylon pro : I need it daily for translations, exchange rates, world time zones, e.g. (excellent program) :up:


10 ACDsee, fast picture viewer


11 highly specialized I know, but very important for me: JWPce, freeware, an easy to use Japanese word processor with an excellent dictionary and lookup function for Japanese letters (Kanji) :up:



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1. AVG anti virus software - freeware


2. Zone Alarm - protects your computer with a firewall.


3. Pop up stopper - as it says.


4. Spampal - destroys all spam e-mail before it hits your inbox.


5. Irfanview - (again)


6. Adaware - finds and deletes all spyware and adware programs you have (unknowingly) installed on your pc.


7. Fresh download - a download manager program.


8. Fresh UI - lets you tweak a number of internal settings on your hard drive with no programming knowledge.


Thats about it - i think...

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Surprised nobody mentioned MailWasher yet. I love this program.


It runs in the background and checks my mailserver every couple of minutes. When new mail arrives it classifies it as normal, friend, blacklisted, virus, possible spam, etc. I can usually sort through my email in seconds, deleting all spam et al right from the server without having to download it.




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Actually, I've used MailWasher for a while but since I only check my "spam boxes" once or twice per month there is just too much mail for MailWasher to handle. It often hangs on me and now when MailWasher gone the "pay for it" route I decided against it :(


A piece of software I forgot:


ReGet Deluxe -- briliiant download manager. I could not do without it.

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I am somewhat dissapointed when it comes to antivirus programs. In the last year, II had three different viruses in my mail, and all of these viruses were brand new - no info was found on the website of different AV software (norton, mcAfee and AVG). :cussing:



I still have McAfee, but when the subscription period is over, I probably switch to AVG as well. Unfortunately, you can't do without them.


I also see that you use Fresh software. I had some of it as well, but they send you so many emails I crossed them of my list.



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What is falling of my list is download software. I have tried a few of them, all freeware like freshdownload and leechget, but they gave me more trouble than what was worth the hassle. To may downloads just wouldn't start.


Now I have broadband internet, speeding up my downloads is not on my priority list anymore. :grinyes:



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I might give Dekart Private Disk Lite a try.


I thought windows XP would also secure your data from prying eyes by creating multiple user accounts, but to my astonishment this only works when you use the NTFS file system. I still use Fat32, because NTFS simply fills your harddrive a lot quicker. They could have made that a little clearer, but hey, safety has never been M$ top priority!



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