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"- Oh, many times the default names of the photos are the same, like 01, 001, etc... can any program also do a mass renaming at the same time?"


Try FlashGet. That is what ... uh... my friend ... uses to download ... uh... educational pictures.



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SpywareBlaster 3.2


Prevent spyware from installing in the first place!

SpywareBlaster is freeware. Please consider donating to further our cause!


Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and dialers are some of the fastest-growing threats on the Internet today.

By simply browsing to a web page, you could find your computer to be the brand-new host of one of these unwanted fiends!


The most important step you can take is to secure your system. And SpywareBlaster is the most powerful protection program available.




Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers, and other potentially unwanted pests.

Block spyware/tracking cookies in Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox.

Restrict the actions of potentially dangerous sites in Internet Explorer.


SpywareBlaster can help keep your system spyware-free and secure, without interfering with the "good side" of the web.


And unlike other programs, SpywareBlaster does not have to remain running in the background.


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Two not mentioned that I love ....


1/ Adobe Acrobat Professional It allows me to turn any page I am surfing into a pdf doc by printing to the Adobe PDF Printer. Don't know how I would do without it. Come to think of it how do you ? I guess most just bookmark pages, but i have found the pages sometimes are gone when you need the info.


2/ Foldermatch Details differences in files, and folders so you know if your backup is identical or if you are working with the latest version of your data file.

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Software I recently added and I find very helpful:


- Windows Desktop Search. I started with Google Desktop Search, but this time the software from Windows is much better IMHO.

- MP3tag: To name mp3 files I downloaded from the net. If I download whole cd's the software takes all information from the net and I don't have to edit the file information anymore

- Burst!, small and simple program to download torrent files. Torrent is currently the fastest file sharing network...

- O&O Defrag. Much better than for example Speedmanager from Norton to defrag the hard disk.

- wbloggar. Free software for to compose textes offline for my blog.


In the net:

- www.blogger.com . Extremely easy to use free host for blogs

- www.flickr.com . extremely easy to use free host for photos

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Good privacy/safety freeware:

---Sygate Personal Firewall

---AVG Free Edition antivirus


---Lavasoft Ad-aware SE personal



Good audio freeware:





Good miscellaneous freeware:

---ePrompter (small program for getting email - AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Excite, POP3 and more)

---PSWhiteboard (make notes on the fly)

---Stickies (post-it notes with alarm feature)

---Copernic Desktop Search (fast web and computer search program, opens files, emails, etc. without using to the original program, e.g. with PDF files)


Good audio software:

---Radio Tower Plus (1000s of radio, video, etc. sites with schedules and alarm feature accessible throught the program without having to go to the individual sites)

---Replay Radio (similar to the above, but can automatically record selected shows or stations at preselected times, at optional quality and other features)

---Fairchild Audio Converter (quickly converts different audio files - e.g., real audio to mp3, at optional bit and sampling rates).

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