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I also use WinMX for P2P stuff, find it very reliable, no spyware and you can find most music on there.


Tried iMesh but it dumped a load of malware on my machine so i promptly trashed it.


Was a big fan of Audiogalaxy until it went commercial :(


You can download WinMX at:


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As a source of knowledge on the best in freeware I use the newsgroup alt.comp.freeware. It is one of my favourite usenet groups, completely on topic with very helpfull members. Just ask what kind of software you need, and 10 to 1 they have a freeware program that can do it. Amazing what is still out there for free! :applause:


This group also has a website with some of the favourite software mentioned. The address is www.pricelessware.org One thing though: all software are windows applications.


For computer related problems I like to use the usenet as well. There are many helpfull groups out there that can help you figure out your problems with your OS, cd burner and popular applications, like the microsoft office suite.


I also have a startup manager, winpatrol. It is not perfect, but up till now it is the best I have found. You can find it at http://www.winpatrol.com/ It automatically detects programs that wants to start up when you start up the computer, manages your cookies and all running processes.The only thing I am not to happy about is that some programs still manage to start up, but fortunately jv16 prevent those pests from starting up, too! ( www.vtoy.fi/jv16/shtml/software.shtml )






(edited to fix broken link)


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I am somewhat dissapointed when it comes to antivirus programs. In the last year, II had three different viruses in my mail, and all of these viruses were brand new - no info was found on the website of different AV software (norton, mcAfee and AVG).

What I do to avoid email viruses is everytime I get an attachment to an email that I am not expecting, I save the attachment to my desktop before opening it. I do this even if the attachment comes from someone I know, because most email viruses spread by sending themselves to everyone in the infected person's address book. Once the attachment is saved to the desktop, I right click on it which brings up a menu with the option to "scan (the file) with AVG" (my anti virus software). Using this method, so far AVG has found all the several email viruses I have received to date. Also, AVG posts virus definition updates almost every couple of days, so it is important to use the update feature in the software to frequently check for and install the updates. In case all of the above fails, I maintain a weekly full mirror image back up of my entire hard drive on a separate removable drive.

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Thanks for all the good info. Another source for anti spyware is www.spywareinfo.com/downloads.php (not all freeware).


Also, (oops!) I incorrectly stated the program with the option for disabling Microsoft Messenger at startup. This is a feature contained in XP-Antispy V.3.71 (see above link) - this program has many valuable features for those running Win XP.




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Says lovethai:

Thanks for the tip on Spampal, works great


Very interesting thread for the computer illiterate, lots more good programs to try.




No problem with the Spampal program, KS also came up with a good 'un, Mailwasher is also an A1 anti-spam program.

I am now running them side by side and almost catching 90-95% of my 60 or so spam mails on a daily basis.


Agreed though, this thread is becoming an excellent resource for those of us who wish to keep our pc's in tip top condition... :up:

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