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Software you can't do without


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I would be interested to hear what kind of software people on this board picked up and find indispensable now.


To kickstart it, I will give a list of my favourite software I use on my XP computer


1. Nero

After getting very frustrated by usiing Roxio's Easy CD Creator, I finally switched to Nero in the beginning of this year. It will burn anything on cd for me. It makes perfect one on one copies from data, audio and videocd's and it has yet to produce the first toaster. Absolutely a must have program for me.


2. Powerquest Partition Magic.

After having to re-install my OS for the umpteenth time, I decided to partition my hard drive, so I didn't have to back up all my data before re-installing Windows XP. Thanks to partition Magic I have now three partitions on my harddrive: The C-partition contains my OS and installed programs. the D-partition contains my data and the E-partition contains a back up image of the first partition. Off course I still backup my data and an image of my C-partition to cd as well :-)


3. Powerquest Drive Image

After having to re-install my OS and my favourite software for the umpteenth time, I finally got tired of all the work that I had to put into it (4-hours plus!). So I decided to create an image of my OS and my software so that I can always restore my OS if I fuck up (which I do many times). Now I can wipe out my C-partition and reinstall my OS and my software and be up and running again in no more than 10 minutes. Just amazing!


4. PC Inspector

Freeware file recovery program. If I accidentally delete some data and already emptied the recycle bin as well, I use PC Inspector to recover the files. Works most of the time for me.


5. Gravity

Freeware newsreader capable of reading Yenc decoded files. Finally I can get the most of the binary newsgroups. Excellent!


6. Musicmatch Jukebox

Great all-in-one audio software to rip audio cd's to mp 3's, manage all my mp3-files, and record all audio formats directly into audio cd's. Not freeware, but well worth the 20 dollars.


7. VCDEasy

Great freeware for making your own vcd's. I use it to convert all my pictures from jpg-format to mpg-formate in order to create vcd's that can be played on most standalone dvd-players. II also use it to burn my dvd's to vcd. Off course you need some additional software to rip the dvd's and convert them to mpg's. Great tutorials on this can be found on www.vcdhelp.com


8. Totalrecorder

A great litle piece of software that allows me record all sounds coming through my soundboard to my harddrive in mp3-format. It has turned my laptop into a digital tapedeck. It also allows you to record all streaming audio.


9. Daemon tools

Freeware that allows you to create a virtual dvd-rom drive. Now I can finally play cd-rom images without having to mount the actual cd-rom. I use it for all my games I like to play regularly.


10. Kazaa-lite.

spyware-free version of this well-known p2p-software. It will find all music and software I might want, including keygenerators.

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Says bangkokbutcher:

No problem with the Spampal program, KS also came up with a good 'un, Mailwasher is also an A1 anti-spam program.

I am now running them side by side and almost catching 90-95% of my 60 or so spam mails on a daily basis.


Agreed though, this thread is becoming an excellent resource for those of us who wish to keep our pc's in tip top condition...


I am using an anti-spam program called K9 and my catch rate isn't falling below 95%.


K9 web page


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Personally, I am looking for a freeware anti spam tool that works with Outlook express, windows XP and that can handle multiple emailaccounts, both of the Pop3 and Imap variety. I guess this is asking too much....


I have no idea Soongmak, but good luck in your quest to find it mate :up:

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more hardware than software but here goes.

Installed Flyvideo2000 TV capture card & connected video out from the UBC box to the TV card putting UBC on the computer monitor in a scalable window. Change channel w/ UBC remote, record shows & images to disc. Audio goes from UBC box audio out to PC soundcard (M-Audio Revolution 7.1 channel) then out to the amp & surround sound speakers. Best 2000 baht I spent.



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Before i repeat some that have already been mentioned...


1. Spyware blaster www.wilderssecurity.com . Real time protection against Trojans and the like (I also use Spybot search and destroy to check and clean first....). Has an MRU blaster too, which cleans up any/all/your choice of look up lists, temp browser files and so on. Also has a FLASH KILLER - great.


2. Google toolbar - the BETA version. Google is great anyway, but install the toolbar just to get the free,easy popup blocker - hallelujah.


3. the rest have been mentioned I think - big recommendations for :-

Partition Magic

AVG Virus - free

ZoneAlarm - free

MusicMatch jukebox, never too keen on WinAmp, not sure why

WinZip - too lazy to use anything else ::

Irfan view


4. forgive me for recommending a Microsoft product, but it is best to have at least one Windows OS on your PC, I suppose :(

Windows2000 . My last new Pc had WinMe, unbelievably awful. Bought Partition magic so I could move all my data to a seperate partition, and install Win2k on another partition. Easy Dual boot PC now. WinXP is too new and too nosy. F!ck em. Have deleted the WinME system and will be trying out some kind of Linux OS...




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If you use Mac OS X get Fink Fink


If you have ever used a FreeBSD ports system or Debians ap-get/dselect, Gentoo emerge etc. You will find Fink to be one of the least known and most utilitarian additions to your Mac. If you aren't familiar with the above get fink and try it. It may seem arcane at first but once you get used to it you will be amazed with its simplicity and sophistication.


For PC users I think that Gentoo Linux is working on a port of their emerge software managment system that will work with Cygwin. Should provide similar utility.

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