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Hi Khun Sanuk and you all


I just sign up. Tried to read the Rules of the board but got a fatal error just clicking on the link.

Will read them another time.

Hope to enjoy myself with your posts and site.



Hi Mate, and welcome.


But there's a mistake in your first post... you left out a letter - the "h" in "site". It comes between the "s" and the "i".



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Hello Gentleman,

I actually posted quite a bit about 5 or 6 years during my first couple trips to Thailand. I've been off the board for while. Ive made 5 trips over the past 5 years, and have made some good friends. I live in philadlephia part of the year, and nyc other part. I've gone down to Brazil alot as well, as its closer, but I do miss LOS. My last trip to Thailand I was in Phuket about 2 week before the Tsuamni hit. It was kinda freaky watching the news reports and seeing the wave topple Patong beach. I'm 34 , , and traveling solo on this next trip. It seems as if alot of my buddies got married. Anyway, if there are any guys around that wanna grab a beer and hit bangkok a night during the first week of December, let me know. Ill be arriving on December 2, and staying at the marriott. Good to see the board is alive and well.

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