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Dummy guide to Thai360.Com


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Seeing that we have a lot of new users lately and have plenty of non IT savvy people here as well, I figured it may not be a bad idea to highlight some of the extra features on this board and to explain how to use them.


Add a post


To start a new thread you *need* to have an account (click here to create one) and be logged in. Once logged in open the forum you wish to post to and click the 'Add Topic' link in the left top corner (in between the menu and the list of forum topics).

On the screen that opens enter your Subject in the first field, optionally select a Post Icon, and then type your post in the big Body field. Click the 'ADD POST' button at the bottom of the page to add your post to the board.


Adding a poll to your post


Start a post as described above and click the "Manage polls" link. On the window that opens up click the 'ADD A POLL' button.

On the next screen enter your question, the number of choices and poll type. Click the 'Continue' button.

On the next screen enter the choices and click the 'Continue' button.

On the next screen you can add some final, optional, parameters to make the poll start / end at a certain time as well as setting whether people can see the results before the poll ends, or if they haven't voted yet. Click the 'Continue' button one final time and you are returned to the original screen.

You can now:

- add another poll by repeating the above process

- remove the poll by checking the 'Remove' tickbox next to the poll and clicking the 'UPDATE' button

- finish the poll process by clicking the 'FINISHED' button


Adding pictures to your post


Start a post as described above and click the 'Image' link (the one that looks like a painting) when you wish to insert a photo.

This will popup a small window in which you need to enter a URL to the photo. The photo *needs* to be located online and cannot be called from your own computer.


If the photo is not yet online you can upload it by clicking the "Manage files" link. On the window that opens up browse to the file on your harddisk and click the 'ADD' button.

Once the file has been uploaded, click the 'FINISHED' button to return to your post.


Topic Subscriptions


When adding a post or reply to the board you can opt to get email notifications of the posts in that thread. Look for Topic Subscriptions and select your preferred option from the dropdown box.


You can view a list of your Subscribed Topics by going here My Fusion -> Control Panel -> Subscribed Topics


Ignoring a user


If for some reason you prefer not to read any of the posts from a certain user, then you can ignore him or her.

To add a person to your ignore list, click on the user's name, which opens up the person's profile page. At the top is a list of options, click the one which reads 'Manage Ignore'. There are 3 levels of ignore:

- Level 1: Tinted Glass (Placing users behind the tinted glass will prevent them from inviting you into a private topic.)

- Level 2: Wood Crate (Placing users in a wood crate has the same affect as tinted glass plus they will not be able to view your profile.)

- Level 3: Lead Box (Placing highly toxic users in this has the same affects as wood crate plus the user's topics and posts will be hidden from your view. Their names will not be displayed in the online information either.)


To remove a user from your ignore list or to see who is on your ignore list, go here My Fusion -> Control Panel -> Ignore List

You can edit or remove ignores from that page.


My Fusion


Clicking the My Fusion link found in the menu at the top-left of the page will open up a submenu with the options:

- Control Panel

- View Private Topics

- Start Private Topic

- Mark All Read


The last 3 items should be self-explanatory. The first Control Panel opens up a page from which you can check and change a range of settings:


# Public Profile - information about yourself you want to share with the rest of the board; includes 'User Title'

# Change Password - you can change your password here

# Signature - to set / change your signature; Board Sponsors can include images

# Avatar Settings - add or change your avatar; Board Sponsors can upload a file to our server

# Display Settings - settings to change the way you see the board; includes 'Visible Online', 'Topics per page', date/time settings

# Email Options - your real email and settings on what you want to receive; if you do not want mass mailings from Thai360, you can switch it off here

# Subscribed Topics - you can manage your topic subscriptions from here

# Buddy List - manage your 'buddies' here

# Ignore List - list of people you have on ignore and the place to manage these ignores

# Private Topics - a list of all your private topics


Opening / Closing categories


If you have no interest in a certain category, you can 'close' on the main index page by clicking the - sign in the far right column. To open it up again later, click the + sign.


Quick Reply


While I think most of you know about Quick Reply, many may not know how to use it properly.

If you just enter text in it and hit 'ADD POST' your reply will be associated with the last post in the thread. If, however, you click on the + link at the bottom right of the post you wish to reply to, it will jump you to the Quick Reply box as well. Entering your reply and hitting 'ADD POST' will in that case associate your reply with the post from which you hit the Quick Reply button.


The last method is much more preferable as it will help keep threads organized.


View recent messages


If you would rather not browse through all the different forums to find out which posts are new, you can opt ot view the recent messages (either Past 24 hours, Past 48 hours, or Past 7 days). The links to this are found in the Extra Information box and bring up a long list of posts which have been added to the board in the selected timeframe. The posts are in order of posting.


If there are any other features that are unclear, please ask and I'll include them in this post.




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OK ... I haven't read all the questions and replies; but, under "control panel" - I'm having trouble setting the time, date for Thailand time. What's the real deal here?



What is the correct way to set the date ? i've tried 21/07/06 and 21/07/2006 and 21072006 , all got kicked back as not acceptable...I actually would like to have the time / date set to Thailand


Bada :dunno: Bing

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no luck at all , have tried every possible combination to no avail. What is the default setting for time and date ? I can do the math from there.... :smirk:


From your reply :


21-07-06 05:38 - Post#515000

In response to BadaBing - Dummy guide to Thai360.Com




Try: d/m/Y





0538 ?




Bada :beer: Bing

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