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US to deny access to space to anyone


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"President Bush has signed a new National Space Policy that rejects future arms-control agreements that might limit U.S. .. The National Space Policy follows other administration statements that appeared to advocate greater military use of space."



it is recognized by those loyal to the US that the US was given space by David some time ago.


detaining aliens & the fencing will present issues.

torture of aliens has been previously ordained.

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i see you typed a response ..do not see relevance ..

I guess a thread hyjack is in progress .. I'll go along ..


Canada? I like Canada

"Vancouver seems like my kinda of town", paraphrasing the "Flying Burritos"

ever been to Lake Louise?


Kazjackistan? The prettiest freelancer at Noveltel Siam Sq was a Kazjackie .. 6k Thb LT..



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Canada is a really nice place I agree...and they sort of speak English there...so o.k. maybe, anyothers? actually, I started another thread so this one won't get hijacked, so post answeres there in Board bar...


Point is, how the fuck can any country deny another country access to space?

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I'd think the N. Korean long range missle tests and nuke tests have scared many in the states, at all levels, and this helped get this legislation passed and has played into the hawks hands. Star Wars stuff for sure being implimented for further 'research'. America is claiming the high ground. If anyone hasn't noticed yet; America does not deal very well with being attacked or threatened with attack.



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