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Board Sponsor perks


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How do I become a Board Sponsor?


Easy, donate money or help the board in another way. You can donate by clicking the Donate Now button in the side bar menu, or by sending money directly to sanuk@thai360.com by using PayPal.


What are the benefits of donating money and becoming a Board Sponsor?


There's quite a few.

  • access to the Board Sponsor forum (where some of the rules are a bit more relaxed)
  • ability to post images in your posts
  • ability to change your usertitle
  • ability to add up to 10 people to a Private Topic (as opposed to 5 for normal members)
  • ability to attach files to Private Topics
  • option to upload your avatar to the Thai360.com server
  • subscribe to up to 50 topics (as opposed to 20 for normal members)
  • option to use an image in your signature
  • permission to add one URL to a personal / commercial website in your signature
  • ability to change your profile to 'private'
  • ability to change / switch off the sidebar

Oh, and you get your name on the list of Top Board Sponsors :)


Is it worth it?


That is something each of you will have to answer for yourselves.



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I've had two goes at sending you money now, the first time I thought my card was too close to the expiry date but I've got my new card now but can't get your billing service to work.

This comes up

hitdb: dB error!Table 'billing.sale' doesn't exist.

I won't be back in BKK till March probably so handing it over personally isn't an option. Any ideas?

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