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Morpheus file sharing, better than Napster


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Good news for music enthusiasts.Ever since Napster went down I've been trying various other sites I had a bit of luck with Gnottela but just too slow on my system as I don't have a direct line.

A few days ago I checked downloads.com and downloaded the no1 most popular download'Morpheaus.'

It works better than Napster, more features, one bieng if you go off line the file is not lost and on returning it automatically starts downloading again.

There are usually five million plus users sharing files at any one time.

I've been downloading music like crazy for days.

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I use Morpheus quite a bit and agree it is excellent. Can't say I've ever seen 5,000,000 users. It's usually in the 200-400,000 range. For some interesting info on these services, check this link:

Info on Morpheus vs. Other Music Download programs

Morpheus not only allows access to videos but also pictures. Can't say the selection is that great though (videos and pics that is). Could be just not yet.

Media companies beware ... the software industry will remain ahead of all your efforts to thwart such services! See:

8/8 CNN article on CD Copy Protection

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