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Farang, insult or not?


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Re-reading my post I am not particularly proud of my choice of words. My apologies.


What I meant to say and failed to get through was this:


When referring to a caucasian what politically correct term should they use if not farang?

They way I see they use the term farang is the same way I would use the word asian or thai for that matter.

Obviously I wouldn`t adress a person asian, that would be an insult as every person is an individual same goes with farang IMO.


If one doesn`t know the name of a particular asian person, I find it perfectly accepteble to refer to person in a conversation as asian, or if I know his/her origin, I would refer to the person in question as thai/chinese whatever, why would the word farang be any different and less acceptable?
















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I have no problem with Farang as applied to strangers. After all, how is a Thai to know where a foreigner is from? What is irritating is when Thais do know who you are, where you are from and maybe even your name - but still refer to you as the Farang.


I believe this all depends on your longevity here and general connections and relationships. Personally, most everyone close to me {a great number} don't look upon as 'The Farang'. I'm just me. Even though the oldest hand can still be considered 'one of them'.

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