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What's bandwidth?


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Originally posted by Bangkok Phil:


My biggest page is 158267 bytes

Is that excessive?

I guess not. It is irrelevant now, but you should also include the size of all the picture/cartoon files. Your main page has that way about 300000-350000 bytes. In any case way below my earlier estimate. I used the idea that one A4 page content is about 20000 bytes, I read that somewhere. Must be wrong. In any case, I hope I am not paternalizing too much, in case you put in a lot more of pictures, run them through Photoshop or something like that, to reduce the file size.

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If you want to cut down the size of image files use Image Optimizer. It's amazing how small you can make the file without compromising quality. there are cracks available to minimise the idea of payment...

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"Your main page has that way about 300000-350000 bytes."

Whoa. That is way too much.

Think of it, every time someone enters the site this is the page then download first. Your first page should be as small as possible and keep people interested in reading the rest of the site.

You would want your first page to be below 100K in total, preferably even below 50K. It should not take more than 5 sec to download. If it does, people will leave.


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I agree with KHun Sanuk, your first page is too large. Takes too much time to download. All those GIF files can be really annoying. All most people want to do is to get to the info and dont want to wait for all those flags etc to upload. They really dont service any purpose and waste your bangwidth. Although I like your long pages you will save bandwidth if you spilt them up. One advantage to them is people read other things that they tought they were not interested in. For example I was surfing it last night at 2am and started reading about miss universe when I really was interested in looking at something else. So if you did not have a long page I would have never known about her. thanks for that.

One suggestion: You site is interesting enough now that you could probably get a business with some free serverspace to carry it in exchange for a plug. Worth a try if you have say more than 400 people a day hitting your site. someone might be interested in the exposer you could give them.


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your front page has 40639 bytes. But this is the source code

only, all graphics and photos are extra. The 8 pages of text

add up to 773,437 bytes, again the graphics are not included

in this figure. I couldn't add up the sizes of the graphics,

there are far too many. Since the images typically take more

space than text it is safe to estimate that your site is at

least 2MB in size.

It takes 500 visitors to download it entirely to hit the 1GB

bandwidth limit. Surely you have some way of tracking the

number of visitors. I recently put a link to an obscure little

web site in one of my posts, and that site got 250 hits in the

first 24 hours. If your site is linked to from other web sites

and search engines then you probably have many more visitors.

The main problem with very long pages is the time it takes

to download them. I'm lucky enough to work on a 2MB link

but on a dial-up line or in an internet cafe it can get

bloody frustrating to wait. I see you already broke down

your site into 8 pages, much better than a single huge page.

I would suggest you go one step further. You have so much

material already that you can make a separate page for each

letter of the alphabet. To make navigation easier include

an index for each individual letter at the top and bottom

of each page, in addition to the 'back' and 'next' buttons.

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Thanks Poseidon for taking the time to work all that out for me.

My site is actually 4.3 Megs in total at the moment. I like your idea of splitting up the pages by letter but I only have 2 blank pages left and would have to open and link to other free sites. Could be quite a headache.

Thanks a lot anyhow

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