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Pattaya Restaurants


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Had the 65B breakfast at Crazy Dave's today. It was very good. Great recommendation! Anything else there they do well?


OK: directly across from CRAZY DAVES is NEE ROI'S CURRY SHOP; more than just curry, some pretty good food and possibly the cheapest steak in Pattaya...the B130 sirloin. Their meat pies are pretty good also.


SEASIDE, twenty yards down from CRAZY DAVES has decent, low priced western food and a cute dog.


YOUR LOCAL CHINKY (seriously) next to NeeRoi's was pretty good but the owner just died and his partner is carrying on...I haven't eaten there since.


CANTERBURY TALES CAFE sells new and used books along with an even larger breakfast than 'Daves, the full English breakfast has everything you could think of; more quantity than quality IMHO.

At the 3rd rd end of Chaiaphoun, there is a large, outdoor Thai restaurant: big English menu; good food cheap.

When you turn on to Soi Chaiaphoun from Soi Buakow, Soi Excite is the immediate first left.


The bakery twenty yards down on the right makes some of the best bread and baked goods in Pattaya, their breakfasts are a bit more expensive than the others I mentioned but are better quality and the coffee is much better. They have an air conditioned room as well as outside tables.


There is a small soi that bears off soi Excite across from the bakery, if you follow it, it turns left back to Buakow. At the turn on the left is a very good internet cafe; on the right is a small "Bistro" that serves some great seafood-pasta dishes for small money.


If you want some real excitement, there is a 'LAWN BOWLING" establishment just off soi Excite, surprisingly popular. For other forms of excitement, there are many small massage shops around, most offering a full slate of services for much lower prices than anywhere else in Pattaya.


I didn't think too much of the OASIS GO-GO on the corner of Buakow, heavy drink pressure.


enough already.

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I'm glad no one mentioned "Kiss" :barf:


Haha I used to eat in them a lot on my early Pattaya visits :). Stopped visiting them years ago though.


Food stalls near Alcazar on Second Road are pretty good for late night Thai food. Actually Pattaya is so full of good and cheap places to eat that it's hard to recommend any particular ones. Just search for a place where there are locals eating and you can be sure the Thai food is good there.

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Thanks dddave. I took a walk around that area after my CD breakfast yesterday and noticed several of those places you mentioned and wondered about them. Good to have your reviews of them. Will probably try some of them as I'll be around here for several months. Unfortunately I'm on a relatively tight budget this trip so will mostly be avoiding the expensive places to eat but still am also interested in checking out some of the less expensive of the places mentioned above by Rookie.


One of the things I really liked about Crazy Dave's was the nice large mug of coffee they give. Coffee could have been better, but for the price one can't complain.


Any recommendations for a good place to get fish & chips? (Was so impressed with the "English" Breakfast that I figure I should probably sample a few other standard British dishes (no pun intended), although usually I mostly eat Thai food here.)


During my stroll, I saw two massage places on Soi Chayaphoon, the one closer to CD's was having some kind of special, but I didn't check it out. Chatted a bit with the girls hanging out in front of the other place further up the Soi. Seemed like a fun bunch. For TM, however, I usually go to a big place on Pattaya Klang near Carfou (on the ocean side) where I pay 200B for two hours of Thai massage (no extras). At least, that's what they charged me last trip.


Anyway, this is a great thread and it will be fun to check some of the places recommended out.



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I've tried both Lek and Apex buffets for breakfast. Used to like them but lately, IMO, they are not really worth it anymore. For breakfast these days, I'd rather eat a smaller portion of much higher quality fresh made to order food for approx 1/3rd less money. Tastes better, cheaper and less likelihood of getting sick.

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