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Pattaya Restaurants


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I've never gotten sick at the Apex breakfast buffet and have eaten there many times with my wife. I do agree that quality has gone down though and price has gone up over the years. I'd love to find a better buffet so if any suggestions pop up I'd be willing to try them.


Not knocking them but I don't really like British style breakfasts (I'm American) but I do like the sausages. Any buffet offering those English "bangers" would probably work pretty good for me.

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When staying on Soi Bukhao I usually eat breakfast at an English pub called 'The Buthcher's Arms' or something very close to that. It is across the street and down a bit from the Siam Sawasdee Hotel on Soi Bukhao, the purple painted hotel there. Full English breakfast for 100 baht every day. Nice new place, friendly staff, clean, good food, free newspapers, etc. I like it.




p.s. For dinner (Samak) Try Cafe New Orleans on Pattayaland 2 is it? www.cafeneworleans.info/


Very nicely done and great food I thought the 2 times I have been there now, good wine list, great attentive staff. I had some nice steak there, and very good scallops as well. The prices weren't unreasonable either. I hear the place is owned by a Californian lawyer who is a gourmet chef of sorts. He has done this place up right and you can see by the attention to detail and the menu he has a flair for this and knows his foods.


And, try the baked stuffed oysters there ... fabulous.

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