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Pattaya Restaurants


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Now that I have found out how to get to Pattaya, I found a place I think I would like to stay, But where do I eat. How about some of you older Veterans of Pattaya giving us Newbies some insight on where the GOOD restaurants are and their addresses. Do they speak English or should I sign up for Rosetta?

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Now that I have found out how to get to Pattaya, I found a place I think I would like to stay, But where do I eat. How about some of you older Veterans of Pattaya giving us Newbies some insight on where the GOOD restaurants are and their addresses. Do they speak English or should I sign up for Rosetta?


Hmmm...sounds like a newbie's newbie post. Lots of info on everything about Pattaya on the Net; some of it is actually accurate.

...'Do they speak English'...Huh? Surely you jest or Mom never let you cross the street alone. English? Some do, but it doesn't matter whether you speak ancient Latin, Urdu, Hungarian or any other language...providing you have a wallet full of Baht :D



Re: restaurants...


Below are some decent ones, however nearly every Thai foodstand if fine and only 20-25 Bt/meal.


[note: 'best' is a subjective term]


Best seafood restaurant: Preecha Seafood in Ban Saray... south of Pattaya...turn right at the light off of Sukhumvit Road after passing The Ambassador.


Best Thai restaurant: Reua Mai... On the East side of Sukhimvit Road about 500 meters south of the Thepprasit Road intersection.


Best French restaurant: L'Olivier... in Jomtien Complex close to The Blue Note. Great food at great prices. Campy gay staff entertain the Thai girls and the service is great.


Best Indian restaurant: A tiny place called Tikka Center located in the same parking lot as Food Mart in front of View Talay condos, across the street from PanPan.


Best Nouvelle Cuisine, price no object: Casa Pascal - 2nd Rd, across from Royal Garden Plaza


Best Nouvelle Cuisine, price sensitive: Cherry Restaurant - 3rd Rd across from Xcyte disco


White Night buffet restaurant for their 220 baht all-you-can-eat buffet. The restaurant is located on Soi VC about 50 feet past (East of) the entrance to Sunee Plaza, and on the same side of the street. Also many 99-Bt buffets around town.



More Recommended Pattaya restaurants


1. Kau Man Gai Stall, steamed or fried chicken with rice shop accross from Foodland ( 25 Baht per serving )


2. Alloey Dschang, Korean BBQ & Sushi, Sukummvit, (all u can eat for 119 Baht )

Located on Sukummvit opposite "AUTO EXCHANGE" after the central pattaya traffic lights going south, so after your 119 Baht meal u can buy a Ferrari for 24 Million !


3. Dscha Doi, Soi 17, best value for money thai food ( 4 person seafoood & drink under 1000 Baht ) soi 17 off third road south pattaya on the way to Harley Bar


4. Sri Nuan Seafood, Ban Amphur, great place to go at 6.pm view sunset & eat ( 4 person seafood & drink 1200 Baht )


5. FUJI Janapese Food Franchise, ( Big C, Carrefour, )


6. L Ã?livier, Jomtien Complex, nice starter Buffet, excellent tiramisu, top value for money (3 course start 300 Baht)


7. Bordeaux, Soi Day & Night, ( nice Dinner for 2 under 1000 Baht )


8. Deano´s Bistro , Jomtien Beach Rd, very nice Carpaccio, good atmosphere ( 300 Baht )

Way down Jomtien beach road, near the intersection of Chaiyapruk road which is where most of the baht buses turn left.


9. Casa Pascal, Second Road, nice Sunday Brunch for 650 ++ per person



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....are you serious??? Do they speak English???...lol...


After a couple of years on the board and 150 odd posts???? Surely you jest!!!


There's actually a Beer Bar just at the start of Walking Street....Jenny (I think it's called)....never been there myself, but OH tells me you can hire a cute thing there to be your tour guide, translator and restaurant finder....plenty of "Sausages & Eggs" to be found in Pattaya....no problems.....don't worry


You'll be fine....if worst comes to worst....just Dine at the "Y"


Pleny of time for eating and sleeping when you get home


have fun :grinyes::dunno::grinyes:


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Dining at the "Y" is fine but not as nourishing as I might need to sustain life. I plan on that but just curious what else would help me sustain life. Sausage and eggs, sounds like back on the farm in Kentucky. Did I smell Biscuits in the oven?


I have a little vixen that I want to get to know, plan on getting her to show me around. It will be a rich week if I barfine her for the full week but what the Hell, You only live once and once is enough if you do it right.



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great list, but most of those places are re location out of reach for the average pattaya tourist, who will never leave the area between Soi 8 and Walkingstreet!


there are a couple of more good seafood places at the southern end of Jomtien in addition to Preecha.

what do you think about Pan Pan (italian) and Chez Bruno (french)?


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I'm glad no one mentioned "Kiss" :barf:

Perhaps I just ordered the wrong thing and caught them on a bad night.

I had the "bagpipe,bone and grizzle meatballs"! :(

Nearly broke a tooth on a large bone fragment.

Lusty does not like dining and Kiss food and drink and would rather suck dog shit through a sweaty sock!

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..."Kiss" is okay...mainly because it is open 24-hours, has farang/Thai food and the food is edible, but there is nothing special about the food! A better bet is Lenkee's...on Central Pattaya Rd, a few doors west (beachward) from Soi Buakhao. Extensive menu...and unlike KISS, regular Thai's and farangs eat there, not just farangs with their latest barfine, which say something about the food quality.. I also like using the Thai food stands...those that are not located by farang entertainment areas.


....Pan Pan...decent food and okay pizza

....Chez Bruno....I'm a cheap charlie...so I prefer to go the the "Cherry" restaurant, located on 3rd Rd, across the street and a few doors down from the "XCYTE" disco. The Thai owner/cook of Cherry was a chef who use to work at Bruno's and was trained by Bruno. An International menu (including Thai food), like Bruno's and less expensive than Bruno's...though a notch less on ambiance and food quality...but good.


...Last year the "Great American Rib Company" opened a location in Pattaya (they have one in BKK). Located on Thepprasit Rd near Soi-11; _excellent_ ribs (unlike Bob's Texas BBQ, IMHO!!) and other western dishes!! But near western prices, but highly recommended.

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OK Packy, there is the possibility that after ticking of the first three selections from Rookies exemplary list along with paying not only the barfine of your little fox but also that of her "sister", you might find yourself a tad skint, the ATM emitting a laugh not unlike that of the evil warlord in a typically dubbed martial arts movie.

With that in mind, I have prepared a list from the other end of the Pattaya gastronomical food chain.


Breakfast: CRAZY DAVE'S, Soi Chayaphoon; heaps of all the things you're not supposed to eat, served on fried bread with lousy coffee, but cheap, cheap.


Lunch: Forgetaboudit, you'll still have heartburn from breakfast: part of the plan.


Dinner: Soi Buakhow Night Market, great selections, fast service, meet many new people.


3am snack: Tex-Mex shack, Soi Chayaphoon again. After a couple of their burritos, you won't want breakfast...save more money.


Fall back locale: TOPS SUPERMARKET; budget dining at its finest, meet even more fascinating people.

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