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Do condoms reduce pleasure for women also?


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HI guys,

I ve been thinking recentely about any relationships I ll find myself in, in the future. With my circumstances now, of course with any future girlfriends I will need to wear a condom.


I know sex isnt the be all and end all in this world...but to be honest, I have quite a high sex drive, and I really enjoy having sex. Now, all us guys know that sex isnt as good with a condom on...however this is my question. Is the pleasure reduced for a women by the same degree as it is for a man, when wearing a condom?


Also, if I m in LOS, what are the best condom options for me. I have been getting to know a girl over the past few months o myspace. We talk everyday and have hour long phone convesations. She is a student at Thammasat, cute,22 years old and seems like a great girl, with great taste in music which I think isnt that common for a Thai girl.


I knew this girl before I knew my status. I have told her about it. She doesnt seem to mind, and said it changes nothing really. She is even prepared to come to see a doc at Bumrungrad to get all the facts about safe sex in a discordant relationship. I was actually taken aback by her reaction, although I m very pleasantly surprised. She has been a great outlet for me to chat to in the last couple of months, and we have had a really good laugh.


So, this is my question. What are the best condom options for me in LOS, as regards safety but also sensitivity?

And do condoms really reduce a womens pleasure that much?

And do you sex mongers have any tips about how to have a great sex life for someone in my position.


The docs here have told me, even of condom does break, they PEP available. In the beginning its going to be hard to relax while thinking about all this. My viral load is undetectable I found out last week. So I think this reduces infection rate even more, if I do have a condom that fails. I ll not be putting any pressure on any girl I m in a relationship with, but this girl seems to be pretty much ok with it. She seems more enlightened than most I suspect. She said, not to feel bad. she just said, its like, well I can get a cold or a flu, you just happen to have this...attitudes are changing maybe.

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This might be the wrong place to ask a question about whether a woman's pleasure is reduced. :neener:


I've been researching the ideal condom recently. The big issue is how well heat is transferred. Women are of course going to be able to feel a hot dick in their pussy. The thinner the latex, the better. Also the new non-latex material like polyurethane supposedly conducts heat better. The other issue is size. Before you reach straight for the large size measure the width of your dick. If it's less than 54 millimetres you might be better off with a 52 millimetre condom (medium size). Another issue is transparency. If (like me) you have a fine looking wand you want the condom to be totally transparent.


In terms of the thinness of the latex, the Japanese are way ahead of us. They're selling condoms with 0.02 and 0.03 millimetres latex compared to Trojan Ultra Thin's 0.06.


I found this website very useful:




I read that Okamoto, the manufacturer of Crown Skinless and Beyond Seven, are selling their condoms in Thailand but I don't know if they're easy to find. You can always buy off the internet.


Sagami make the world's thinnest condom:




You can seen their products are popular not only in Japan but also Scandinavia and France but for some reason the UK is way behind with crappy Durex balloons being the best on offer.


You can buy Sagami original from internet shops. With a 55 mm width is actually quite large:



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I knew this girl before I knew my status. I have told her about it. She doesnt seem to mind, and said it changes nothing really. She is even prepared to come to see a doc at Bumrungrad to get all the facts about safe sex in a discordant relationship.


That's fantastic, JS!


Obviously, attitudes towards HIV are changing in Thailand particularly (and obviously I guess) amongst the better-educated sector of the population.


That girl sounds like a gem!


Take it slow and steady - there are going to be many other factors that make up your relationship together than people face when they are not in your situation. Go slow, take your time, keep the communication happening at all times, and good luck! :D



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WL, that girl sounds a little odd...i'd hardly compare HIV with a cold/flu....they don't stay with you for life and don't result in death.


Having taught countless Thammasat ladies, they are often from the most conservative 'middle class' backgrounds. That would appear contrary to the image she is giving out...be careful...

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I dont think she was comparing HIV with flu. She was just saying that anyone can get sick. Like she can get a cold or flu or anything. Its just one of those things that happen to people. Its not a reason to have a prejudice against someone is what she is saying. But she wasn't comparing them as like for like illnesses thats for sure.


I ll be careful also. As for being conservative, I think the younger Thais are becoming more enlightened in many ways. I dont think all Thammasat ladies are one and alike...?


IME, I have actually found the Thais from middle class backgrounds to be more open minded.




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